New York Times, “From Kansas,” May 22, 1857

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    “From Kansas,” New York Times, May 22, 1857, p. 5: 4.
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    From Kansas
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    From Kansas
    Action of the U.S. District Attorney in the Treason Cases
    Correspondent of the St. Louis Republican.
    Lecompton, K.T., Tuesday, May 12th, 1857.

    Upon the opening of Judge Cato’s Court this afternoon, the U.S. District Attorney Weer moved for a nolle prosequi to be entered in all the treason trials now pending before that Court in which the United States is the promoter.

    In making the motion, Mr. Weer remarked that he did so by the advice of the Secretary of State and acting Governor of Kansas, Hon. Frederick Stanton, and in accordance with his own belief that the General Government would approve his course, as an act calculated to restore present peace and preserve future harmony in the Territory.

    Judge Smith, of Lawrence, a member of the Kansas bar and a party interested, desired to know whether this nolle pro-aqui would include prosecutions for the usurpers of office?

    The District Attorney replied that he presented it would, but that then these cases could not be thus determined until the right of prosecutorship between himself (as District-Attorney for the United States) and Mr. Neusome, the Territorial District Attorney, (which is to be argued this week,) should be decided.

    This will probably be settled in a few days.
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