Chicago (IL) Press and Tribune, “Admission of Kansas,” April 13, 1860

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    “Admission of Kansas,” Chicago (IL) Press and Tribune, April 13, 1860, p. 2: 2.
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    Chicago Press and Tribune
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    Admission of Kansas
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    Don Sailer, Dickinson College
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    The vote of the House of Representatives to admit Kansas with the boundaries set forth in her Constitution, throws upon the pro-slavery Senate the responsibility of denying her application. We have no idea that Douglas & Co. will permit the question of admission to come to a direct vote. They will not show their hands as a part of the machinery by which she is kept out. Amendments, to be insisted upon till the last, and defended by such reasons as can plausibly be invented, delays in committee, and everything else that is parliamentary, no matter how unjust, will be resorted to that another Free State may not seat two Senators in that body where they are so much needed. We beg for Kansas affairs the attention of our readers during the progress of the fight, that they may see and understand the shifts and expedients to which the pro-slavery party will resort to prevent the doing of that which ought to be done without hesitation or delay. Look to the Senate!

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