Equality of Whites and Negroes

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    “Equality of Whites and Negroes,” Liberator, Boston, 2 October 1857, p. 158.
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    Boston (MA) Liberator
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    Equality of Whites and Negroes
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    Don Sailer
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    EQUALITY OF WHITES AND NEGROES. In Iowa, in submitting the new Constitution, the question of equality of whites and negroes, as to political privileges, was submitted to the people. Nearly the whole vote of the State was against the assumed equality. After all the pretences of Black Republicanism in favor of negro equality, nearly the whole party voted against it. Few men in Iowa were found voluntarily to vote themselves the equals of negroes. When brought to test, their negro professions were found to be mere political expedients, which honest men despise. Black Republicanism is dead in Iowa, as well as almost everywhere else, and only needs its merited burial to be finally forgotten, unless remembered for the wanton mischiefs it has brought upon the country.–Washington Union.
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