News from Kansas, Governor Walker’s Inaugural Address

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“News from Kansas,” New York Daily Times, 4 June 1857, p. 5.
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New York Times
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News from Kansas
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Angela Crilley
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News from Kansas

Governor Walker’s Inaugural Address.

St. Louis, Wednesday, June 3.

Governor Walker’s Inaugural has been received. It is long, conciliatory and persuasive. It recognizes the territorial enactments; says that all constitutional laws must be executed; urges all parties to participate in the election; believes the Convention will submit a Constitution to the people, and in that case does not think Congress will regard it; earnestly impresses the necessity of removing Slavery agitation from the Halls of Congress, and from Presidential Elections; says that Slavery will ultimately be determined by climate law, and that it was this law now operating for and against Slavery in Kansas.
In the event that Slavery cannot exist in Kansas, he says, that she has Constitutional duties in common with her sister States, especially Missouri. He trusts that her Constitution will contain clauses forever securing that State all her constitutional guarantees, both by Federal and State authority, and supremacy within her own limits without the authority of the Supreme Court of the United States.
He concludes by saying that if the questions now disturbing the Territory are decided peacefully, he sees for Kansas and immediate career of sure progress and prosperity unsurpassed in the history of the world; but that if they are not so decided, fraud, violence and in justice will reign, and history will record the fact that Kansas was the grave of the American Union.
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