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    “LATEST INTELLIGENCE,” New York Daily Times, 8 September 1857, p. 4.
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    New York Times
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    Latest Intelligence
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    Patrick Sheahan
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    By Telegraph to the N. Y. Daily Times.
    Magastie Telegraph Co.’s Offices – 43 Wall st. and 181 Broadway.

    The President’s Letter on Kansas Affairs – The Naval Courts – The Dallas-Clarendon Treaty, &c.

    Special Dispatch to the New-York Daily Times

    WASHINGTON, Monday, Sept. 7.

    The President’s letter to the Connecticut clergymen continues to produce excitement among all classes of politicians. It is rumored that it was to be followed, in a few days, by the publications of a pamphlet, semi-official, on Kansas State Rights, and a full defence of the Administration and Governor WALKER.

    The Secretary of War resumed his duties to-day.

    The Naval Courts are all in session to-day. Commander LOCKWOOD’S case is proceeding before the Third Court. The President is expected to take up the cases decided on soon, and to make the decrees public.

    The Secretary of the Navy is preparing to leave on his tour of inspection of the navy Yards.

    If the final action of England on the Dallas-Clarendon Treaty be not received before the meeting of Congress, a new treaty will be negotiated. UNO.

    WASHINGTON, Monday, Sept. 7.

    The officers of the United States steamer Fulton, preparing at the Washington Navy Yard to join Home Squadron, are Lieutenant Commander ALMY, Lieutenants Warrington, Stewart, Seldon and Chapman; Purser Clark, Master M. C. Campbell, Passed Assistant Surgeon Burtt, First Assistant Engineer Newell, Third Assistants McCleary, Albert Barrows and Houston.

    A letter from Frankfort-on-the-Maine, received at the State Department, says that t he reports concerning the crops continue to be favorable. In many districts very considerable reductions had taken place in the price of grain, and a further reduction would doubtless follow. The same correspondent remarks that the Persian Ambassador has concluded treaties with many of the European States, and the Zoll verein itself in virtue of them, have commercial intercourse with Persia.

    CHARLES V. HAGNE has been appointed General Appraiser, vice LAUGHLIN, resigned.

    The three Naval Courts of Inquiry resumed their Sessions to-day.

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