Letter from Charles Francis Himes to William Daniel Himes, September 9, 1857

Source citation
Himes, Charles Francis, to William Daniel Himes, St. Joseph, MO, 9 September 1857. MC 2000.1, Charles Francis Himes Family Papers, Archives and Special Collections, Dickinson College, Carlisle, PA.
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Charles Francis Himes
Recipient (to)
Himes, William Daniel
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Matt Dudek
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The following text is presented here in complete form, as true to the original written document as possible.

St. Joseph Sept 9th 57
Dear Father, -
I recd yours of Aug 24th last Saturday. I can not give the shadow of a reason why Banker has not paid those notes as I have full confidence in his honesty and think he is able. I have not heard from him for a number of months. I was aware of the fact that Wm Lynch had been caught in the fall of Keakuk real estate as also the majority of the traders but did not know the extent of his liabilities nor that his father would suffer so much. He always was close mouthed with his

father who placed implicit reliance in his judgement and shrewdness and gave him credit for a great deal of caution. But speculation especially when successful lures a man far beyond the bounty of reason and prudence, [illegible] floats on bladders for awhile beyond his depth and then sinks in deep water. Wm. Lynch will rise again. I don’t think the theatre had anything to do with the downfall, its lending money to speculators at high rates and the stagnation in the Real Estate business. – If [illegible] has lost in Kansas he has made a nice little amount in St. Joe. about $6000.

The sharpest will sometimes be trapped by those bogus-sales and the same money is used frequently several times in the same sale. I am sorry that Uncle Alex and you did not enter lands in Mo. it has cleared at least 100 pct. already and is the safest kind of investment but it is all most all gone or the best seelecting is made. it would be more troublesome and more risk would be run but yet some could be entered. Missouri will be the point of Emigration for the next 10 years and will in all probability be a free state. St. Joe will not be a second Keakuk there is not that wild excitement and a great amount of business is transacted besides it will next year be the entrance to Kansas and will have the first R. R. between the two rivers, it is universally admitted to be the best point above St. Louis. All it needs is abundant and cheap pine lumber to build it up. It is [illegible] McIlhenry has not called on you. – How did Wm Hersh happen to fail? High living, littler means and borrowed capital. – I have not seen A. Hendrix yet, he is universally admitted to be the best business man and financier in Howard County and I want his opinion in regard to St. Joe.

5. I had a letter from Billy Barnitz he appears to be flourishing at Hanover. I recd the Tribune and am truly grateful for it but I only ask of you not to rely upon it for facts in regard to Kansas, they are all inventions or little trifling incidents highly colored and exaggerated and entirely perverted. Walker is attacked on all sides by the fanatics North and South and I believe he is conscientiously endeavoring to do right and should be sustained by all union men. no one can appreciate the difficulties of his situation. The feeling of hostility between the two parties is as great as

ever. The free soilers had a drill last Saturday at Palermo preporatory to election – it is about 12 miles from here. You don’t know the character of those men and I am beginning to lose confidence in Greely’s honesty I did once believe he was sincere but deceived but I begin to think he is willfully working off lies and those of the grossest and most injurious kind to the peace and prosperity of the country. the knowing ones here shake their heads and [illegible] the times are ominous of another war and there are not U.S. troops enough in the Territory to subdue either side. If war does break out the blame will lie on both sides but preponderate on the side of such men as Greely and Co. – as to the Dred Scott decision it must be acquiesced in as the opinion of the highest tribunal known in the confederacy, and it is final, and irrevocable save by revolution, however repugnant to the feelings Kansas is a mean place to make the most of there never will be harmony of action or goodwill between the different classes of settlers let the question be decided as it will.

If honest men at the East will only cease to interfere with Kansas affairs and aid and abet by men and means such arch rascals as Lane and Robinson quiet will soon be restored to Kansas and the question of slavery or no slavery will be settled in time by the immutable principles of political economy. Stewart is elected here by about 300 maj. continue to send the papers they have good effect here that is the “Stars.” Mr. Mont[illegible] and wife and servant and some children have been in Kansas for last week on a claim I am entirely well except sore hand and foot. Your obt and afft son Chas. F. Himes

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