Article 1 – No Title

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    “Article 1 – No Title,” New York Times, 7 October 1857, p. 2.
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    N.O. Delta
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    New York Times
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    Article 1 – No Title
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    Patrick Sheahan
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    The following text is presented here in complete form, as it originally appeared in print.  Spelling and other typographical errors have been preserved as in the original.

    A REGULAR JACK SHEPPARD. – An intensely laughable robbery was perpetrated at the Jarrett House, St. Anthony, a short time since, which in boldness eclipses any similar enterprise of modern times. Col. H. Wiltse, hearing somebody knocking around in the hall near his room, at an unreasonable hour, and suspecting it might be some villain who meant to rob him, rose from his bed, fixed the door of his room open, got his brace of pistols and prepared them for “an emergency,” then sat down on the bed to wait for the anticipated scamp to present himself. In his position he fell asleep! – and, while enjoying a perpendicular dream, (probably of a robber writhing with a bullet in his thorax,) the ungrateful, inconsiderate vagabond aforesaid walked into the room through he open door, helped himself to a new dress-coat, two pairs of pantaloons and a vest, pocketed six dollars and fifty cents in money, deliberately became the accomplice of Procrastination (the thief of time) by stealing a valuable gold watch, took the gold studs out of the shirt of the slumberer, and reluctantly departed. Mr. W. awoke just in time to find his “victim” vamosed, and himself minus property to the amount of $200 or $300. In fact, almost every thing in the room had “gone off” except his faithful pistols, which were firmly grasped in either hand ready capped and cocked! – N. O. Delta.
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