Dickinson College

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“Dickinson College,” American Democrat, 11 June 1857, p. 2.
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Carlisle (PA) American Democrat
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Dickinson College
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Scott Ackerman
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Dickinson College

The catalogue of this flourishing institution of learning, for the year 1857, is on our table, from which we can gather the following information. The number of students present it:

Seniors 19
Juniors 40
Sophomores 44
Freshman 32
Preparatory Department 58
Total 198

The facilities for instruction are surpassed by but few, if any, other colleges, among which may be mentioned the erection of an Astronomical Observatory and the purchase of an Achromatic Telescope, manufactured by Henry Fritz, of New York. The Telescope has an object glass of 5 inches, with a focal distance of 7 feet, is Equatorial Mounted, and furnished with Right Ascension and Declination Circles and Clockwork; and is adapted to Scientific research, as well as instruction. To this will soon be added a superior Transit now in process of Manufacture.

The following is the order of the approaching commencement exercises:

Sunday, July 5-Baccalaurete Sermon by Professor Johnson. Also, Sermon before the Society of Religious Inquiry, by Rev. D.W. Bartine.

Monday, July 6-Anniversary of the Belles Lettres Society, at 8 o’clock, P.M.

Tuesday, July 7-Anniversary of the Union Philosophical Society, at 8 o’clock, P.M.

Wednesday, July 8-Annual meeting of the Board of Trustees at 8 o’clock, A.M.

Oration by Rev. Benjamin F. Brook, A.M., and Poem by John G. Saxe, Esq., before the Belle Lettres and Union Philosophical Societies, same day, at 11 o’clock A.M.

Oration before the Associated Alumni, by Robert A. Lamberton Esq., at 8 o’clock, P.M.

Thursday, July 9-Commencment Exercises, at 10 o’clock, A.M.
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