Letter from Adele Cutts Douglass to Her Mother - 06/24/1857

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    Douglass, Adele Cutts, to Her Mother, Chicago, IL, 24 June 1857. As printed in The Letters of Stephen A. Douglas, ed. Robert W. Johannsen. Urbana: University of Illinois Press, 1961, p. 384-385.
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    Adele Cutts Douglass
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    Douglass, Adele Cutts
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    Carolina Jimenez
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    The following text is presented here in complete form, as it originally appeared in print.
    Letter from Adele Cutts Douglass to Her Mother

    My dearest Mother, Wednesday June 24th
    I have been thinking so much of home tonight and have just got a chance to write you after having talked myself to death over some very stupid women who honored me by calling socially-the object of most interest now in Chicago is a number of robberies which have set the world nearly crazy here and alarm me terribly of course all very needless they say-last night we had a serenade but a serenade loses its charm when you are obliged to ask the musicians in the house & give them a drink-which destroys the sentiment. We dine here at 2 OC. and commence visiting at 11-the distances are so magnificent that I am keep busy from morning till night returning calls & somebody always to dinner so dear Mamma you see how little rest I have here to be very honest with you but you must never mention that I say so. I shall never breath freely in this atmosphere-you can never imagine until you come here how forlorn one feels after being accustomed to interesting & very refine people & how terribly ugly & dirty this City is. It has rained now for a fortnight and the roads are worse than any you can imagine-I am counting the days when I shall return dear Mamma, please write me what Mary the washwoman has been doing to offend you. I got a note from her which I enclose to you together with $40 for Isaac’s wages or Mary’s if it is convenient-I have not answered this not at all-but if I wish you would speak to Father O’ Toole about it-please write me about all you are doing and how everyone is getting along in Washington. Does anyone remember me-I feel quite like an outcast & when you write about the friends and amusements at Washington I wish myself back in the old house on the hill. I enclose the money inside of the note from Mary-the children are well and happy they send a great deal of love to Grand Ma & Grand Pa and Mr. Douglas sends you his best love. I saw Corcoran at St. Louis but he did not come to see me in Chicago. Gerrit Smith dined with us yesterday and I went to hear him lecture though Douglas did not go of course. I was astonished at his Ultra Views. Give my love to Mrs. Graham & ask if she got my letter & tell me if [Flan?] has returned. Ask Jeannie to write to me. I am so anxious to hear some news of Washington. Good night dearest Mother best love to Papa & a thousand kisses to you. Your devoted daughter-

    Addie Douglas

    Maddie is well and seems content he is out tonight visiting some ladies please burn my letters. Don’t let Papa keep them because I write many things I should not except in great confidence. I am trying to like this place but it is very difficult.
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