Diary Entry by Edmund Ruffin, October 11, 1857

    Source citation
    Scarborough, William Kauffman, ed. The Diary of Edmund Ruffin. Vol. 1. Baton
    Rouge: Louisiana State University Press, 1972, p. 112.
    Author (from)
    Edmund Ruffin
    Date Certainty
    Don Sailer
    Transcription date
    The following text is presented here in complete form, as true to the original written document as possible.

    Oct. 11. Sunday. Began & at night finished rough draft (12 pages) of a peace on “The Great Error of Southern Agriculture.” Went to the Presbyterian church, where a young stranger preached. All the talk there about our loss by the fire, & speculations as to the cause. We have nothing to induce suspicion. It may have been accidental, by the dropping of fire from a passing & careless negro’s pipe–or it may have been the incendiary act of a secret enemy….

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