Diary Entry by Edmund Ruffin, October 13, 1857

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    Scarborough, William Kauffman, ed. The Diary of Edmund Ruffin. Vol. 1. Baton
    Rouge: Louisiana State University Press, 1972, p. 112-113.
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    Don Sailer
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    Oct. 13. Went to Richmond–also Mr. Sayre had to go, to arrange [186] for disposing of his last cargo of wheat. It cannot be sold, except at a very reduced rate. The money crisis is still worse. Nine of the N.Y. city banks have suspended payment, & the state bank of S.Ca…No doubt all will follow before long. Numerous bankruptcies among merchants & other men of business, depending on credit. –Went with Mr. Williams to see the Fair Ground, & the recent repairs thereon…
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