New York Times, “A Fugitive Slave Excitement in Philadelphia,” December 5, 1857

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“Fugitive Slave Case in Indiana,” New York Times, December 5, 1857, p. 1: 3.
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New York Times
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Fugitive Slave Case in Indiana
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Fugitive Slave Case in Indiana.

INDIANAPOLIS, Friday, Dec. 4.

About eight days since the agents of Dr. VALLANDINGHAM, of Frankfort, Ky., captured a fugitive slave at Naples, Illinois. When en route to Kentucky the negro was taken under a writ of habeas corpus before Judge WALLACE, who liberated him. He was immediately re-arrested, and taken before United States Commissioner REA, who, after hearing the case, decided that the negro should go back to Slavery. He was again re-arrested on a writ issued by Judge WALLACE, before who some questions of State sovereignty are now being discussed.

It is claimed by the negro’s counsel, that he is free under the Fugitive Slave law and Dred Scott decision, as well as the State Constitution.

Meanwhile, Dr. Vallandigham has been arrested on the affidavit of the negro, for kidnapping, and his case is now in progress before Mayor WALLACE.

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