The Utah Troubles

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    “The Utah Troubles,” Democratic Allegiance, Cumberland, MD, 14 November 1857, p. 4.
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    Cumberland (MD) Democratic Allegiance
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    The Utah Troubles
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    Wes McCoy
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    The Utah Troubles.

    Dispatches from Washington (says the Baltimore American) state that the government has received intelligence from the military post at Leavenworth to the effect that the Mormons are calling in their people and making preparations to resist the troops now on their way to Utah, under the command of Col. Johnston. There is no doubt of the truth of this report. The breaking up of the Mormon congregations in the Atlantic States, the exodus of the Saints from the [Gurson] Valley, the defiant speeches of the head man at Salt Lake City, and the thorough military organization and martial spirit that began at Navoo and is continual in Utah, all confirm it. But there is little probability of the Mormons carrying their threats, to the extreme point of actual collision with the forces of the federal government. In order however, to be prepared for even such a contingency, the administration will, it is stated, direct Gen. Harney, now in command of the troops in Kansas to remain at Fort Leavenworth; and in the event of hostilities, that distinguished officer will be dispatched, at the head of a large force to the scene of action.
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