Entry by James A. Garfield, October 22, 1857

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    Harry James Brown and Frederick D. Williams, eds., The Diary of James A. Garfield (East Lansing: Michigan State University Press, 1967), 1: 297 - 298.
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    Don Sailer
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    THURSDAY, 22. This has been a weary work day. All the regular classes. 2 examinations, Almeda’s Astronomy and Norman’s 2nd Greek. Norman preached in the chapel after which I heard my Rhetoric class. These, together [with] another Lecture this morning on Teaching have wearied me some though I do not feel it as much as I have some nights this term. Examinations went well. Tomorrow evening I am to go to Newbury to hold a meeting of two days and three evenings. I have never been off to hold a meeting alone, and I don’t know how I shall succeed. We hear tonight good news from the cause of liberty throughout many parts of the union. Kansas, Iowa, Minnesota, Indiana, and Ohio have given their voices for Liberty. I am sometimes led to think that our people are not yet fit for Liberty, nor worthy of it, but “Let come what come may.”

    Slavery has had its day, or at any rate is fast having it. A word of cheer comes across the Atlantic from out Beloved Sumner. It savors the free hills of Switzerland. The great financial gloom is yet hanging over the country. I am not Political Economist enough to divine its results or analyze its causes, but I suspect that Land speculation and the over drug[g]ing of the financial machinery in every department has made the explosion. It is now 10 ¾ and I must meet a class at 5.
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