Northern Democrats and Kansas Affairs

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“Northern Democrats and Kansas Affairs,” New York Times, 24 November 1857, p. 2.
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Detroit Free Press
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New York Times
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Northern Democrats and Kansas Affairs
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Wes McCoy
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Northern Democrats and Kansas Affairs.

From the Detroit Free Press, (organ of Gen. Cass,)
Nov. 18

We echo the declaration of our Philadelphia contemporary, contained in another column, that the northern man in Congress or in other position who shall lend his aid to any attempt or plot to defeat the will of the majority of the people of Kansas as to their constitution, will be punished with political annihilation.

And we have to warn southern extremists, in and out of Congress, not to delude themselves with the impressions that they will have the support of the Democratic Party of the North in any juggle to fetch Kansas into the Union as a Slave-State against the wishes of its actual inhabitants. On this question the northern Democratic Party will be actuated by one impulse. It will not recede one inch from the preservation of the integrity of the grand principle of the Kansas organic act.

We have not, at this writing, reliable intelligence from Kansas touching the final action of the Constitutional Convention. We suspect, however, that it has not made a full and fair submission of its work to the people. If it has not, then Congress must reject the application for admission, and pass an act under which the people of Kansas can exercise their guaranteed right to form and regulate their institutions in their own way, subject only to the Constitution of the United States.
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