Journal of Josiah Gorgas, December 13, 1857

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Wiggins, Sarah Woolfork, ed. The Journal of Josiah Gorgas: 1857-1878. Tuscaloosa: University of Alabama Press, 1995, p. 13-14.
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Wes McCoy
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Decr 13, [1857]

Since my last entry a daughter [Mamie] has been born to us. She is a nice plump looking little pet. Will she live to look over these pages which here record the opening of her book of life? Heaven grant it. She was born on the 28th of October (1857) and was christened by [the Rev.] Mr. [William E.] Armitage the Episcopal clergyman [at St. Marks Church], together with “Jessie,” on the 20th of Novr. Her aunt Mrs. [Mary Gayle] Aiekn is her godmother, & she is named after her “Mary Gayle.” Willie is delighted at the acquisition, which he persists in calling “Rose,” having heard me call it “the last rose of summer.” The loss of life on the “Central America” [on September 17] proved less by a half than at first supposed. Capt. [W.] Herndon, an officer of the Navy, her commander, was lost with her, & his death caused marked regret thro’out the country. A total prostration of the business of the country has occurred & still continues. It began with the failure of the “Ohio Life and Trust Co.” and has swept away everybody with it. The oldest firms have gone down with it. One good effect has been produced in the lowering of the price of all articles of consumption full 30 percent. The monetary difficulties are not confined to this country, but extend all over Europe.
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