Magruder, George Lloyd

Life Span
    Full name
    George Lloyd Magruder
    Place of Birth
    Birth Date Certainty
    Death Date Certainty
    Slave State
    No. of Siblings
    No. of Spouses
    No. of Children
    Thomas Contee Magruder (father), Elizabeth Olivia Morgan (mother), Belle Burns (wife)
    Other Education
    Gonzaga College, Georgetown Medical School
    Doctor, Dentist or Nurse
    Church or Religious Denomination
    Catholic (Roman or Irish)

    George Lloyd Magruder (Year Book of Clan Gregor Society, 1911)

    GEORGE LLOYD MAGRUDER was born in Washington, D. C., November 1, 1848, and died in the same city January 28, 1914. He was the son of Thomas Contee and Elizabeth Olivia (Morgan) Magruder.
    Dr. Magruder graduated from Gonzaga College, Washington, D. C., and from the Medical School of the Georgetown University, Washington, D. C., in which city he practised his profession until his death.
    He was Professor of Chemistry at Gonzaga College, and later Professor of Materia Medica at the Georgetown University Medical School; also Dean and Treasurer of the latter school; and, finally, Emeritus Professor of Materia Medica and Therapeutics.
    In his younger days he was physician to the poor and to the Police and Fire Departments. Later he was consulting physician to Providence, Emergency, and Georgetown University Hospitals. He was one of the principal founders of the latter two hospitals. He was a member of the Board of Visitors of the Government Hospital for the Insane and of the Military Academy at West Point.
    Dr. Magruder's intellectual, moral, and social virtues made him beloved by his many relatives, patients, and friends. His ever-ready sympathy and kindness of heart endeared him to all alike. He was devoted to his profession, and brought to it, as to any work he undertook, an unbounded faith, a great will, an indomitable energy, and a rare enthusiasm, which remained with him even in the last years of his rapidly failing health.
    Dr. Magruder was interested in any cause looking to the betterment of the city of Washington, particularly in the advancement of the sanitary measures of the District. His efforts to secure a pure water and a pure milk supply were persistent, and productive, of much benefit to the community. His advocacy of milk pasteurization absorbed much of the energy of his last years. Upon these subjects he wrote and published a number of pamphlets.
    Dr. Magruder was a member of the Catholic Church, and, as such, gave his services to many of the charitable institutions of the city and to his alma mater.
    He was married November 22, 1882, to Miss Belle Burns, daughter of General W. W. Burns, U. S. Army, and Priscilla R. Atkinson Burns. He is survived by his wife; a son, Lieutenant Lloyd Burns Magruder, U. S. Army; a daughter, Miss Pauline Magruder; two sisters, Mrs. Maria C. Wolfe and Miss M. Blanche Magruder, and a brother, Mr. John Holmes Magruder.
    Mary Blanch Magruder, "Dr. George Lloyd Magruder," Year Book of the Clan Gregor Society (Charlottesville, Va: Mitchie Co., 1911), 79.
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