William Henry Gilliam to William Still, June 8, 1854

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    William Still, The Underground Rail Road (Philadelphia: Porter & Coates, 1872), 59.
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    Gilliam, William Henry
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    Sayo Ayodele
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    ST. CATHARINE, CANADA, JUNE 8th, 1854.
    MR. STILL, DEAR FRIEND.:-I received a letter from the poor old widow, Mrs. L. E. White, and she says I may come back if I choose and she will do a good part by me. Yes, yes I am choosing the western side of the South for my home. She is smart, but cannot bung my eye, so she shall have to die in the poor house at last, so she says, and Mercer and myself will be the cause of it. That is all right. I am getting even with her now for I was in the poor house for twenty-five years and have just got out. And she said she knew I was coming away six weeks before I started, so you may know my chance was slim. But Mr. John Wright said I came off like a gentleman and be did not blame me for coming for I was a great boy. Yes I here him enough be is all gas. I am in Canada, and they cannot help themselves.
    About that subject I will not say anything more. You must write to me as soon as you can and let me here the news and how the Family is and yourself. Let me know how the times is with the U G. R. R. Co. Is it doing good business? Mr. Dykes sends his respects to you. Give mine to your family. Your true friend,
    W. H. GILLIAM.
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