John H. Dade to William Still, November 1, 1857

    Source citation
    William Still, The Underground Rail Road (Philadelphia: Porter & Coates, 1872), 469-470.
    Author (from)
    Dade, John H.
    Date Certainty
    Michael Blake
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    ST. CATHARINES, Canada.

    MR. STILL, SIR:-I arrivd on Friday evenen bot I had rite smart troble for my mony gave out at the bridge and I had to tot et to St. Catherin tho I went rite to worke at the willard house for 8 dolor month bargend for to stae all the wentor hot I havent eny clouse nor money please send my tronke if et has come. Derate et to St. Catharines to the willard house to John Dade and if et ant come plice rite for et soon as posable deract your letter to Rosenen Dade Washington send your deraction-please tend to this rite a way for I haf made good start I think that I can gate a longe en this plase. If my brother as well send him on for I haf a plase for him of he ant well please dont send him for this as no plase for a sik possan. The way I got this place I went to see a fran of myen from Washington. Dan al well and he gave me werke. Pleas ancer this as soon as you gat et you must excues this bad riting for my chance wars bot small to line this mouch,


    If you haf to send for my tronke to Washington send the name of John Trowharte. Sir please rite as soon as you gat this for et as enporten. JOHN H. DADE.

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