Petersburg, VA

Petersburg, Virginia, circa 1850
The large, wealthy, and flourishing town of Petersburg, is situated at the northeastern angle of the county, on the south bank of the Appomattox, 22 miles S. of Richmond, and 9 S. W. of City Point, on the line of the great southern railroad, with which last-named place there is also a railroad communication. The harbor admits vessels of considerable draught, and even ships come up as far as Walthall's' Landing, 6 miles below the town, where there is a branch railroad about 3 miles in length, connecting with the Richmond and Petersburg railroad. (Historical Collections, 1852)

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  City or Town
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Benteen, Frederick William

Frederick William Benteen, detail
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  Frederick William Benteen

Pegram, John

John Pegram, detail
Full name
  John Pegram

Pryor, Roger Atkinson

Roger Atkinson Pryor, detail
Full name
  Roger Atkinson Pryor

Scott, Winfield

Winfield Scott, detail
Full name
  Winfield Scott

Thayer, Martin Russell

Martin Russell Thayer, detail
Full name
  Martin Russell Thayer
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Weisiger, David Addison

David Addison Weisiger, detail
Full name
  David Addison Weisiger


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Blandford Cemetery, Petersburg, VA Location or Site