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Louisville (KY) Journal, "The U.G. Railroad," June 22, 1858

"The U. G. Railroad," Louisville (KY) Journal, June 22, 1858
This article from a conservative, former Whig, newspaper in Louisville, Kentucky reporting on a fugitive slave trial in Virginia illustrates the danger for Underground Railroad agents operating in the South.  In late May and early June 1858, Virginia authorities had arrested and prosecuted Captain William B. Baylis for trying to help slaves escape on his ship, Keziah.  In his statement at sentencing, Judge William M. Nash blasted Baylis for "insidious" or evil actions and charged him and other agents like him with threatening the entire institution of slavery.  Despite numerous pleas for mercy, Virginia did not release Baylis from prison until 1865 as part of an exchange of Civil War prisoners. (By Anna Lovett)


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