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Illinois Republicans hold their state convention in Decatur and nominate Richard Yates for governor

Illinois, 1857, zoomable map
05/09/1860 to 05/10/1860
In an hastily erected, purpose built, 900-seat "Wigwam" in Decatur, Illinois, the Illinois State Republican Convention met over two days.  Delegates from every county but one, Pulaski, attended and almost 3000 spectators crammed into the building.  The meeting nominated Richard Yates for governor on the fourth ballot over fellow candidates Norman Judd and Leonard Swett.  Delegates to the upcoming national convention and Illinois presidential electors were also selected.  (By John Osborne)
Source Citation: 
Charles A. Church, A History of the Republican Party in Illinois, 1854-1912 (Rockford, IL: Wilson Brothers Company, 1912) , 73.