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Andrew Johnson to Montgomery Blair, November 24, 1863, Nashville, Tennessee.

Andrew Johnson, detail

Andrew Johnson, the sitting military governor of Tennessee and future running-mate to Abraham Lincoln in the 1864 election, wrote to his fellow Democrat and southerner, Postmaster General Montgomery Blair, to express his dismay at the idea that the occupied states of the Confederacy following their defeat would be ruled as territories.  The suggestion from Wendell Phillips and others, as well as in an ever more radicalized U.S. Congress that the southern states had left the Union and would have to earn readmittance through territorial status was becoming a topic for Washington debate and Johnson seeks reassurance from cabinet member Blair that President Lincoln would not entertain such a course.  He states that slavery has already been destroyed and the states should not be destroyed as well.  The letter is especially interesting as it relates to later President Johnson's own actions and policies during Reconstruction.  (By John Osborne)  


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