Nashville, TN

Tennessee State House, Nashville, Tennessee, circa 1863

Record Data

Place Unit Type
  City or Town
Containing Unit



Birthplace of

Adams, John

John Adams, detail
Full name
  John Adams

Campbell, Alexander William

Alexander William Campbell, detail
Full name
  Alexander William Campbell

Cheatham, Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin Cheatham, detail
Full name
  Benjamin Franklin Cheatham

Cooper, Charles R. C.

Dickinson College Alumnus - No photograph currently available
Full name
  Charles R.C. Cooper

Rains, James Edwards

James Edward Rains, detail
Full name
  James Edwards Rains

Walker, William

William Walker, detail
Full name
  William Walker

Wharton, John Austin

John Austin Wharton, detail
Full name
  John Austin Wharton
Burial place of

Anderson, Samuel Read

Samuel Read Anderson, detail
Full name
  Samuel Read Anderson

Bilbo, William N.

No image yet available for this man
Full name
  William N. Bilbo

Polk, James Knox

James Knox Polk, detail
Full name
  James Knox Polk

Polk, Sarah Childress

Sarah Childress Polk, detail
Full name
  Sarah Childress Polk

Smith, Thomas Benton

Thomas Benton Smith, detail
Full name
  Thomas Benton Smith

Taylor, Preston

Preston Taylor, detail
Full name
  Preston Taylor


Contained places