Underground Railroad

Note Cards


Date Event
06/02/1847 The McClintock Riot takes place in Carlisle, Pennsylvania
08/25/1847 The McClintock Riot trial is held in Carlisle, Pennsylvania
11/06/1849 Four slaves run away from Edward Gorsuch's plantation in Maryland
12/01/1850 Tubman returns to Maryland to rescue her niece
02/15/1851 Mob frees fugitive Shadrach Minkins after his arrest in Boston
03/26/1851 Gap Gang in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, kidnaps older black resident
08/28/1851 Spy informs Edward Gorsuch about location of his runaway slaves
09/08/1851 Edward Gorsuch arrives in Philadelphia seeking warrants for his runaways
09/09/1851 Commissioner Ingraham grants warrants for Gorsuch slaves and appoints Kline to head posse
09/09/1851 Vigilance agent follows Gorsuch posse
09/10/1851 Gorsuch posse breaks apart over fears about Vigilance Committee spying
12/24/185401/01/1855 Returning to Dorchester County again, Tubman attempts to bring her brothers to freedom
01/01/1857 Robert Brown, a fugitive slave from Virginia, arrives in Philadelphia after crossing Potomac on horseback
01/06/1857 New York Times reports on runaway slave in Kansas
03/11/1857 Runaway slaves pass through Albany, NY with help from local officials
03/23/1857 Runaway slave receives congratulations at State Capitol building in Albany, NY
04/03/1857 Runaway slave named Richard arrives in Philadelphia after escaping from naval officer
04/24/1857 A group of eight slaves from Maryland arrive safely in Canada
05/01/185706/01/1857 Harriet Tubman brings her parents to Canada
05/26/1857 A fugitive named Addison nearly kills slave-catchers while running in Illinois
02/21/1858 John Kintzing Kane, the U.S. District Judge who ruled against Passmore Williamson in the Jane Johnson case, dies in Philadelphia
09/13/1858 Fugitive slave John Price arrested in Oberlin, Ohio but freed by a anti-slavery mob in nearby Wellington
11/08/1859 Mary Brown arrives at James Miller McKim's home in Philadelphia
01/28/1860 Porter on steamship sentenced to death in South Carolina for helping escaped slave stow away
04/10/1860 In Virginia, Richmond police raid secret meeting of African-American group called "The Sons of Ham"
04/28/1860 Leading a crowd in Troy, New York, Harriet Tubman rescues runaway Charles Nalle
05/06/186005/07/1860 Two South Carolina slaves stow away aboard Boston bound steamer; one escapes, one does not
05/13/1862 African-American slave defects with his Confederate dispatch boat from Charleston Harbor
05/19/1862 Maryland slaveholders meet President Lincoln to complain about non-enforcement of Fugitive Slave Act
01/01/1872 William Still publishes his records
06/13/1874 James Miller McKim dies in his New Jersey home