United States of America

United States of America, 1857, zoomable map

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Place Unit Type
Containing Unit




Contained places
Name Type
Alabama State or Province
Arizona State or Province
Arkansas State or Province
Arkansas River Rivers/Waterways
California State or Province
Chesapeake Bay Region
Colorado State or Province
Connecticut State or Province
Dakota Territory State or Province
Deep South Region
Delaware State or Province
Des Moines River Rivers/Waterways
District of Columbia State or Province
Florida State or Province
Georgia State or Province
Idaho State or Province
Illinois State or Province
Indian Territory State or Province
Indiana State or Province
Iowa State or Province
Kansas State or Province
Kentucky State or Province
Louisiana State or Province
Lower North Region
Maine State or Province
Maryland State or Province
Mason-Dixon Line Region
Massachusetts State or Province
Michigan State or Province
Minnesota State or Province
Mississippi State or Province
Mississippi River Rivers/Waterways
Mississippi River Valley Region
Missouri State or Province
Missouri River Rivers/Waterways
Mobile River Rivers/Waterways
Montana State or Province
Nebraska State or Province
Nevada State or Province
New England Region
New Hampshire State or Province
New Jersey State or Province
New Mexico State or Province
New York State or Province
North Carolina State or Province
North Dakota State or Province
Northern Seaboard Region
Northwest Region
Ohio State or Province
Ohio River Rivers/Waterways
Ohio River Valley Region
Oklahoma State or Province
Oregon State or Province
Pennsylvania State or Province
Platte River Rivers/Waterways
Potomac River Rivers/Waterways
Red River Continent
Rhode Island State or Province
Shenandoah River Rivers/Waterways
South Carolina State or Province
South Dakota State or Province
Susquehanna River Rivers/Waterways
Tennessee State or Province
Tennessee River Rivers/Waterways
Texas State or Province
Upper South Region
Utah Territory State or Province
Vermont State or Province
Virginia State or Province
Wabash River Rivers/Waterways
Washington Territory State or Province
West Region
West Virginia State or Province
Wisconsin State or Province
Wyoming State or Province


Date Title
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