Detroit, MI

Detroit, Michigan and Surrounding Area, 1857
DETROIT, city, and seat of justice of Wayne co., Mich., occupies a pleasant and commanding situation on the west bank of Detroit river, 18 miles from Lake Erie, and 7 miles from Lake St. Clair. Between the two great lakes, Huron and Erie, upon both of which, its vessels carry on an extensive trade, through Lakes Superior and Michigan, and with Canada, Pennsylvania, and New York. It is an important metropolis of the western states, and is destined to a still higher rank than it now holds. (Fanning's, 1853)

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Hunt, Henry Jackson

Henry Jackson Hunt, detail
Full name
  Henry Jackson Hunt

Sibley, Henry Hastings

Henry Hastings Sibley, detail
Full name
  Henry Hastings Sibley

Wilcox, Orlando Bolivar

Orlando Bolivar Wilcox, detail
Full name
  Orlando Bolivar Wilcox
1860 residence of

DeBaptiste, George

No image yet available for this man
Full name
  George DeBaptiste
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Wilkins, Ross

Dickinson College Alumnus - No photograph currently available
Full name
  Ross Wilkins


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Elmwood Cemetery, Detroit, MI Location or Site


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