Bleeding Kansas

Note Cards


Date Event
05/23/185605/24/1856 John Brown attacks a proslavery community close to the Pottawatomie Creek in Kansas
09/10/1856 John White Geary officially takes up his position as Territorial Governor of Kansas
02/18/1857 John Brown speaks about Kansas before the Massachusetts legislature’s Committee on Federal Relations
01/04/1858 Kansas voters reject the Lecompton Constitution
05/19/1858 Missouri "border ruffians" murder five freesoilers near Marais des Cygnes in Kansas
06/14/1858 James H. Lane goes on trial for murder in Kansas
02/11/1859 The Kansas Territorial Legislature calls a Convention to frame a State Constitution
03/28/1859 A referendum in Kansas confirms the legislature's call for a constitutional convention
06/07/1859 Kansas elects the delegates for its consitutional convention to be held in July at Wyandotte
07/05/1859 A convention assembles in Wyandotte, Kansas to create a Kansas State Constitution
07/06/185907/28/1859 The convention charged with creating a Kansas State Constitution is meeting in Wyandotte, Kansas
07/29/1859 The Wyandotte Convention completes and signs the new Kansas State Constitution
10/04/1859 The Wyandotte Constitution is put to a popular vote in Kansas
04/11/1860 House of Representatives passes the Kansas Statehood Bill and sends it to the Senate
04/18/1860 Former Kansas governor challenges Attorney General of the United States to a duel
04/20/1860 In Topeka, Kansas, John Ritchie shoots and kills U.S. Marshal Leonard Arms during attempted arrest
09/26/1860 Campaigning in Kansas, Senator Seward receives a hero's welcome at Lawrence
01/28/1861 The U. S. Senate votes thirty-six to sixteen to admit free Kansas as the 34th state of the Union
01/29/1861 President Buchanan signs the bill to admit free Kansas as the 34th state of the Union