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Education/Culture 02/01/1862 Verses of "The Battle Hymn of the Republic" published anonymously in the Atlantic Monthly
Campaigns/Elections 06/27/1860 Vermont Republican Convention meets in Rutland and nominates Erastus Fairbanks for governor
Lawmaking/Litigating 05/10/1861 Vermont repeals its Personal Liberty Law
Lawmaking/Litigating 11/25/1858 Vermont passes a new Personal Liberty Law
Cultural 02/19/1855 Verdi's opera Rigoletto premieres in New York City
Education/Culture 04/04/1848 Verdi's opera "Nabucco" has its United States premiere in New York City
Legal/Political 06/14/1858 Utah Territorial Governor proclaims a blanket pardon to end the Mormon War
Lawmaking/Litigating 03/21/1860 United States signs extradition treaty with Sweden and Norway
Lawmaking/Litigating 07/17/1858 United States signs a commercial treaty with Belgium in Washington, D.C.
US/the World 05/13/1858 United States signs a commercial and friendship treaty with Bolivia in La Paz
Lawmaking/Litigating 08/05/1846 United States Senate confirms Robert Grier's appointment to the Supreme Court
Battles/Soldiers 10/11/1861 United States Navy raiding party crosses the Potomac and destroys a Confederate schooner in Dumfries Creek
Business/Industry 02/03/1859 United States Gold Coinage in 1859, by the numbers
Legal/Political 01/19/1859 United States District Courts in 1859, by the numbers
Lawmaking/Litigating 03/03/1861 United States copyright law for photographs signed into law
Lawmaking/Litigating 03/02/1861 United States copyright law for photographs passes
Legal/Political 01/18/1859 United States Circuit Courts in 1859, by the numbers
Legal/Political 11/21/1859 United States Army reports its strength as 17,036 officers and men in nineteen regiments
Battles/Soldiers 11/12/1861 Union warship captures Confederate privateer off the Bahamas
Battles/Soldiers 01/29/1863 Union Volunteer troops attack and kill hundreds of Shoshone at Bear River, in present-day Idaho