Wiped Out

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    "Wiped Out," Campaign Plain Dealer, September 22, 1860, p. 2.
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    Campaign Plain Dealer
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    Wiped Out
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    Brian Bockelman
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    Wiped Out.

    The late news from Mexico shows clearly that MIRAMON is beaten from every place except the Capital and that the Liberals have attacked him there with twice his force, the Liberals flushed with victory and the Church party totally disheartened.  This wipes out MIRAMON.

    From Central America that the “Grey Eyed Man of Destiny,” Gen. WALKER, is in the hands of his enemies, under sentence of death—to be immediately shot with Col. RUDLEY, one of his officers, at Truxillo, his few followers being sent home. So the great filibuster is wiped out.

    Garibaldi has marched in triumph down to Naples, and BOMBA II, who has excelled his loathsome father in unmitigated tyranny and caused the very ghost of NERO to blush, has fled his Kingdom and is politically wiped out. Sic transit gloria mundi.  The Pope Pious IX, speaking of his political power, says he looks upon all as lost, but determines not to flee to Gaeta, where BOMBA is, but to abide the consequences where he is.  Politically, then, he seems wiped out, and all Italy is soon to be one united nation.

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