New York Herald, “The World Does Move,” October 30, 1860

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    “The World Does Move,” New York Herald, October 30, 1860, p. 6: 5.
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    New York Herald
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    The World Does Move
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    THE WORLD DOES MOVE. - Here are a few curious points in the news by the Asia: -

    1. Universal suffrage is given to the people of Naples. They are requested to vote by ballot, yea or nay, upon the question of a union of all the Italian States, with Victor Emanuel as constitutional king.

    2. A serious proposition is made to the Pope to sell out or commute. An attempt is being made to carry out About’s idea of a palace and a garden for the Holy Father.

    3. One of the old Bourbons writes to the London Times and claims the throne of Spain. A Bourbon appealing to the world through a free press is one of the wonders of the age.

    4. Garibaldi takes a railway train as a conveyance to the scene where he fights against another Bourbon, and opposes a Colt’s revolver to the old fashioned stiletto.

    Truly, as Galileo said, the world does move. The European peoples are evidently preparing to follow our example and to set up in the business of government on their own account. They certainly cannot make a worse hand of it than the hereditary despots who have oppressed them so long. Let us hope that they will do much better.

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