Place Unit Type
    Containing Unit
    Date Type
    British astronomer Warren De La Rue captures photographic images of a solar eclipse Science/Technology
    Carlist forces land in Catalonia and declare the pretender Don Carlos as rightful King of Spain Foreign
    Carlist pretender Don Carlos, Count Montemolin gives up his claim to be rightful King of Spain US/the World
    Carlist pretender Don Carlos, Count Montemolin retracts his renunciation of Spanish throne US/the World
    Conservatives in Spain reestablish Catholicism as the state religion Foreign
    In Santiago, Chile ratifies its alliance with Peru against Spain, assuring full-scale war over the Chincha Islands US/the World
    In Spain, a woefully abortive Carlist attempt is made to overthrow the Spanish throne US/the World
    In Spain, commander of the recent abortive Carlist uprising executed by firing squad US/the World
    Invading Spanish defeat Moroccan forces at their camp near Tetuan Battles/Soldiers
    Invading Spanish troops enter the key Moroccan town of Tetuan Battles/Soldiers
    Meteorite shower strikes in northern Spain Science/Technology
    Mexico suspends interest payments on it foreign debts and causes consternation in Europe US/the World
    Morocco rejects Spain's ultimatum setting the stage for a six month long war in northern Morocco Foreign
    Peru and Chile negotiate an alliance against Spain, assuring full-scale war over the Chincha Islands dispute US/the World
    Powerful and feared Confederate warship sails away from Ferrol in Spain and U.S. Navy warships decline an engagement Battles/Soldiers
    Queen Isabella of Spain approves the preliminary terms of a punitive treaty against Morocco US/the World
    Spain delivers a final ultimatum to Morocco threatening war if concessions are not made US/the World
    Spain signs a treaty confirming the independence the Republic of Honduras had won in 1821. US/the World
    Spain signs the punitive treaty imposed upon Morocco following the recent war US/the World
    Spanish force Moroccan authorities to accept an armistice and begin peace negotiations Foreign
    Spanish naval forces seize Peru's guano-rich Chincha Islands to enforce compensation demands US/the World
    Spanish Prime Minister Enrique O'Donnell attempts to restore liberal constitution Foreign
    Spanish win crushing victory over Moroccan forces Foreign
    The towering castle at Segovia in Spain heavily damaged in a massive fire Crime/Disasters
    Treaty of Bayonne between France and Spain sets their international borders Foreign
    Name Type
    Cadiz, Spain City or Town
    Granada, Spain City or Town
    Madrid, Spain City or Town
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