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A fourteen-year old girl gathering wood near Lourdes in rural France encounters the first of her visions of "a Lady." Religion/Philosophy
A French plebiscite confirms popular support for the restoration of the empire Foreign
Alfred Dreyfus, future French artillery officer and Devil's Island prisoner, is born in Alsace Foreign
Aristide Briand, future wartime leader of France and Nobel Peace prize laureate is born in Nantes Personal
Atlantic packet returning from France sinks off Nova Scotia and nine seamen drown Crime/Disasters
Austria demands that Sardinia-Piedmont disarm, and issues a three-day ultimatum Foreign
Cambodia becomes a protectorate of France, extending French influence in southeast Asia. US/the World
Count Cavour, prime minister of Piedmont-Sardinia, assures Switzerland over the transfer of Nice to France US/the World
Crimean War begins in earnest, as France declares war on Russia Foreign
Emperor Napoleon III drops the requirement that Britons carry passports to enter and travel in France US/the World
Emperor Napoleon III initiates free trade reforms in France Foreign
France tells Austria war on Piedmont-Sardinia would mean war with France Foreign
French amateur astronomer observes a new planet in our solar system Science/Technology
French Emperor Napoleon III issues his official declaration of war on the Austrian Empire US/the World
French Government appropriate ten million francs for a massive reforestation project US/the World
French president Louis Napoleon Bonaparte abolishes universal suffrage Foreign
- French troops are starting to depart Paris for Italy to confront the Austrians Foreign
French troops protecting the Papal State order all demonstrations against the Vatican halted Foreign
Future French president Raymond Poincaré born in Bar-le-Duc in Lorraine Personal
Great Britain and France sign a landmark free trade agreement Foreign
Great Power conference proposed in Europe to head off war between Austria and Piedmont-Sardinia Foreign
Harriet Taylor Mill, wife of and collaborator with John Stuart Mill, dies at Avignon in France Personal
In France, liberal politicians hold the first in a series of constitutional reform "banquets" US/the World
In Italy, the inhabitants of Savoy vote in a plebiscite on whether their province will become part of France US/the World
In Italy, the results of the recent plebiscite in Savoy confirms that the province will become part of France US/the World
- Inhabitants of Nice voting in a plebiscite on whether their district will become part of France US/the World
Italian nationalists in Florence overthrow the Hapsburg Grand Duke Leopold II of Tuscany US/the World
Jean Jaurès, the French socialist hero, is born at Castre in south-western France Foreign
Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres, the leading Neoclassical painter of his day, dies in at his home in France. Personal
Just arrived in New York City, French billiard champion Claudius Berger gives his first American exhibition Education/Culture
King Victor-Emmanuel of Piedmont-Sardinia explains the transfer of Nice and Savoy to France Foreign
Loaded passenger/cargo ship burns in New York's North River Crime/Disasters
Louis Napoleon Bonaparte escapes from prison in France US/the World
Louis Napoleon Bonaparte holds a plebiscite confirming French support for his coup d'etat Foreign
Mexico suspends interest payments on it foreign debts and causes consternation in Europe US/the World
Piedmont-Sardinia rejects Austria's call to disarm Foreign
Plans for the plebiscite on the transfer of Nice and Savoy from Piedmont-Sardinia to France are published Foreign
- Powerful gales wreak havoc across the British Isles and north-west Europe Crime/Disasters
- Queen Victoria visits France Foreign
- Several nights of heavy gales wreak havoc on shipping around coasts of Britain and northern France Crime/Disasters
Switzerland once again protests the transfer of Nice and Savoy from Piedmont-Sardinia to France US/the World
Switzerland protest the pending French annexation of Savoy US/the World
The Austrian Empire declares war on Sardinia-Piedmont US/the World
The Austrian Empire mobilizes in response to the war preparations of Piedmont-Sardinia Foreign
The Bank of England raises its discount rate as financial disruption in the United States effects Europe Business/Industry
The French Navy launches the world's first ironclad ocean-going warship Science/Technology
The Irish future Nobel Prize for Literature winner William Butler Yeats is born in Dublin Education/Culture
The Italian Kingdom of Piedmont-Sardinia mobilizes its armed forces for war with Austria Foreign
The newly purchased Confederate ship "Rappahannock" slips out of its English Channel port at midnight Battles/Soldiers
The Swiss Federal Council says Switzerland will defend itself and its neutrality, by force if need be Foreign
The United States and several European powers sign a joint trade agreement with Japan. US/the World
Thousands see American emigrant ship founder off French coast Crime/Disasters
Treaty negotiations successfully conclude the late war between France, Austria, and Piedmont US/the World
Treaty of Bayonne between France and Spain sets their international borders Foreign
Name Type
Biarritz, France City or Town
Bordeaux, France City or Town
Boulogne, France City or Town
Brest, France City or Town
Cannes, France City or Town
Castillon-en-Couserans, France City or Town
Cherbourg, France City or Town
Lauw, France City or Town
Le Havre, France City or Town
Marseille, France City or Town
Nice, France City or Town
Paris, France City or Town
Pau, France City or Town
Plombières-les-Bains, France City or Town
Date Title
Debate Over Thanks to Gen. Taylor and Army Resolution, US Senate, February 3, 1847
New York Times, “Important from the South,” June 23, 1857
New York Times, “Alleged Renewal of the Slave-Trade,” July 14, 1857
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New York Herald, “A Foreigner View of Black Republicanism,” May 1, 1859
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New York Times, "Spanish Subjects and American Citizens," March 17, 1860
Boston (MA) Advertiser, “Relations with Japan in Jeopardy,” June 30, 1860
New York Herald, “The World Does Move,” October 30, 1860
Richmond (VA) Dispatch, “Will England Recognize the Southern Confederacy?,” January 26, 1861
Richmond (VA) Dispatch, “Iron-Plated Ships,” February 5, 1861
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New York Times, “How to End the War,” April 24, 1861
Fayetteville (NC) Observer, "A New Difficulty," April 29, 1861
San Francisco (CA) Evening Bulletin, “The Lack of “Improved” Firearms in the South,” June 5, 1861
New York Times, “Are They Pirates?,” June 23, 1861
Newark (OH) Advocate, “The Impending Danger,” July 5, 1861
New York Herald, “Mason and Slidell,” November 17, 1861
Proclamation of the Allied Commissioners to the People of Mexico, Vera Cruz, January 10, 1862
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