(Montpelier) Vermont Patriot, “Lincoln and His Guard,” February 2, 1861

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    “Lincoln and His Guard,” (Montpelier) Vermont Patriot, February 2, 1861, p. 3: 3.
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    Chicago (IL) Times
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    Montpelier Vermont Patriot
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    Lincoln and His Guard
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    Don Sailer, Dickinson College
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    LINCOLN AND HIS GUARD. – It is generally understood that it is the purpose of Mr. Lincoln to surround himself with his Zouave guard on his trip to Washington. We notice that some of our contemporaries are ridiculing this idea. We can not sympathize with the sneers. We are in the midst of sectional animosities which have run more men than one, in both sections, into fanatical madness. Mr. Lincoln has nothing to fear, personally, from the Southern people. We know they would scorn the base work of an assassin, and meet it with a howl of indignation. But we do not forget that, while the idolized Caesar was about ascending the throne of Rome, he found a Brutus, and that Orsini attempted the life of Louis Napoleon when he was the favorite of the French people. Among millions of people who shall say that there may not be men capable of taking the life of Abraham Lincoln? While we wish to create no unnecessary alarm or rumors on such a subject, we at the same time know madmen may be found at all times and in all countries and that excitement, such as now pervades the country, is calculated to produce them. We are therefore not without sufficient apprehension to warn Mr. Lincoln to give no reasonable chance for even an attempt at such a crime. – Chicago Times.

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