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Containing Unit
Date Type
A dispute over a British vessel sailing in Chinese waters leads to the second Anglo-Chinese War Foreign
A Royal Navy attempt to search on southern Taiwan for American survivors of a massacre is driven off. Crime/Disasters
A strong U.S. naval landing on southern Taiwan to punish Paiwan aboriginals is driven off. Battles/Soldiers
American warships bombard Chinese forts in Canton Province Battles/Soldiers
British and Force warships anchor at the port of Beitang in preparation for the latest landing in China US/the World
British and French forces evacuate Beijing US/the World
British and French forces occupy the strategic Chinese island of Chusan Foreign
British and French forces reach the outskirts of the Chinese capital and sack the Summer Palace US/the World
British and French send ultimatum to the Chinese Govenment threatening war US/the World
British and French troops enter the Chinese capital US/the World
British fire the world's first breech-loading rifled cannon in anger for the first time in China Science/Technology
British naval vessel is shipwrecked on the Chinese coast with a very heavy loss of life Crime/Disasters
British ship sinks in a Ceylon harbor during a squall Crime/Disasters
Chinese Emperor Xian Feng dies at his summer palace in northern China, aged thirty US/the World
Chinese Imperial forces capture Nanjing, breaking at last the resistance of the Taiping Rebellion US/the World
Chinese students arrive in the United States Education/Culture
- Emigrant ship carrying 850 Chinese sinks in the Indian Ocean and all the passengers are lost Crime/Disasters
Great Britain and China sign the Treaty of Tientsin, ending the Anglo-Chinese War (1856-58) and opening Chinese ports Foreign
Hong Xiuquan leads Taiping Rebellion in China Foreign
In Beijing, Imperial China sets up its first office of foreign affairs US/the World
In China, a British attack on the Taku Forts is repulsed with heavy losses Battles/Soldiers
In China, American adventurer Frederick Ward and his men capture fortress of Sung-Chiang from Taiping rebels Battles/Soldiers
In China, British and French troops capture the Taku Forts and open an advance on Beijing US/the World
In China, British and French troops land at the port of Beitang in preparation for a march on Beijing US/the World
Lord Elgin orders the destruction of the Summer Palace in Beijing as reprisal for murder of hostages US/the World
On southern Taiwan, aboriginals massacre the survivors of an American shipwreck Crime/Disasters
Russia obtains the Maritime Province, including the city of Vladivostok, from China. US/the World
The close-run Great Tea Race between clipper-ships from China to London ends after ninety-nine days Business/Industry
The Convention of Beijing opens China to Western trade and missionary activity US/the World
Treaty signed between United States and China US/the World
Yung Wing graduates from Yale, first Chinese graduate in the United States Cultural
Name Type
Hong Kong, China State or Province
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