Bloomington, IL


BLOOMINGTON, p.v., McLean co., Ill., 73 ms. N.N.E. of Springfield; from W. 744 ms. Pop. 1,594.  (Fanning's, 1853)

    Place Unit Type
    City or Town
    Containing Unit
    Residents in 1860
    Name Type
    McLean County Courthouse, Bloomington, IL Location or Site
    Date Title
    Abraham Lincoln to Mary Speed, September 27, 1841
    David Davis to Julius Rockwell, March 4, 1855
    Abraham Lincoln's Speech at Springfield, Illinois, June 10, 1856
    Abraham Lincoln to Lyman Trumbull, December 28, 1857
    Lyman Trumbull to Abraham Lincoln, January 3, 1858
    Abraham Lincoln, First Lecture on Discoveries and Inventions, April 6, 1858
    Ward Hill Lamon to Abraham Lincoln, June 9, 1858
    - Recollection by Gustave Koerner, Lincoln-Douglas Debates
    (St. Louis) Missouri Republican, "The Progress of Judge Douglas Through Illinois," July 19, 1858
    Chicago (IL) Press and Tribune, "Douglas on the Stump," July 23, 1858
    David Davis to Ozias Mather Hatch, August 16, 1858
    Chicago (IL) Press and Tribune, "Great Debate Between Lincoln and Douglas At Ottawa," August 23, 1858
    Joseph Medill to Abraham Lincoln, August 27, 1858
    Richard James Oglesby to Abraham Lincoln, August 29, 1858
    Recollection of Jesse W. Fell, Conversation with Abraham Lincoln in early 1859
    Abraham Lincoln to William A. Ross, March 26, 1859
    Joseph Medill to Abraham Lincoln, September 10, 1859
    John P. Sanderson to David Davis, November 12, 1860
    Abraham Lincoln to Fanny McCullough, December 23, 1862
    Recollection by James S. Owing, 1844-1860, in a Speech to the Illinois Schoolmasters' Club, Bloomington, Illinois, February 12, 1909
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