Greensboro (NC) Patriot, "Secession of the Medical Students," January 6, 1860

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    “Secession of the Medical Students,” Greensboro (NC) Patriot, January 6, 1860, p. 3: 3.
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    Greensboro Patriot
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    Secession of the Medical Students
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    Don Sailer, Dickinson College
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    Secession of the Medical Students.
    Upwards of one hundred and fifty of the students at Jefferson College, and the University, Philadelphia, have seceded from those institutions and returned South. A large number of them have gone to Richmond, and some to other colleges. The Southern students at New York also held a meeting, but only fifteen out of some three hundred, concluded to leave. One of the Philadelphia students has sent us a list of those from North Carolina who seceded. – We will publish the list next week.

    Sensible of the many indignities which have been heaped on the South by our Northern brethren; as much devoted to our Southern institutions as any man can be; and regarding the abolition spirit and the fanaticism of the North as odious, sinful, devilish and wicked, and as deserving of the most condign punishment whenever it can be meted out to them, yet we regret this action of the students. That they are all patriotic and sincerely attached to the South, and were moved and actuated by the best of motives, we do not doubt; but in times like these, when our Government seems tottering to its fall, it must be saved – if saved at all – by the well considered movements of our oldest and best citizens; -and these hasty efforts of the young men of the country, however well meant, can only result in injury.

    We see by our exchanges that some of the seceders have already returned, saying that they only wanted a Christmas frolic. This we hope is not true, nor can we believe it.

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