Philadelphia, PA

City, and port of entry. Situated between the Delaware and Schuylkill Rivers, about 5 miles above their junction, and 55 in a direct line N. W. from the Atlantic, coast; although the distance from the mouth of the Delaware, following the course of the river, is 120 miles. Population in 1800, 70,287; in 1810, 96,287; in 1820, 119,325; in 1830, 167,325; in 1840, 228,691; in 1850, 409,352, including the county. The city is the seat of justice. (Gazetteer of the United States of America, 1854)
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"Miss Leslie," America's most popular cooking writer, dies in New Jersey Personal
"Notre-Dame of Paris," final opera of William Henry Fry, debuts in his home city in aid of soldiers' charity Education/Culture
A mass meeting of Philadelphia workingmen supports compromise and the Union Campaigns/Elections
A massive hailstorm shatters glass windows throughout the city of Philadelphia. Crime/Disasters
A national convention of workingmen meets in Philadelphia Business/Industry
A powerful storm strikes Philadelphia and causes heavy damage, including the bringing down of a church steeple Crime/Disasters
A secessionist flag flies near the Frankford Arsenal in north-east Philadelphia Campaigns/Elections
A storm dumps snow over wide areas of the East, from Washington, DC to Boston Crime/Disasters
Abolitionist lecture delivered successfully in Philadelphia as police and rioters battle outside the hall Legal/Political
Abraham Lincoln travels to Trenton, New Jersey and then to Philadelphia on his pre-inaugural tour Campaigns/Elections
Abraham Lincoln visits Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and from there secretly travels directly to Washington Campaigns/Elections
Abraham Lincoln's funeral train leaves Harrisburg and rolls across the Pennsylvania countryside to Philadelphia Personal
Abraham Lincoln's funeral train leaves Philadelphia before dawn and moves across New Jersey Personal
Alexander McClure dies in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Personal
All-England Cricket team continues its tour with a match in Philadelphia Education/Culture
Alleged fugitive slave arrested in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and sent that evening to Philadelphia Slavery/Abolition
American Medical Association founded in Philadelphia Education/Culture
American Party nominates Millard Fillmore for president Campaigns/Elections
Anton Probst, murderer of an entire family in the "Deering Massacre," is executed in Philadelphia Crime/Disasters
Anton Probst, murderer of his employer's entire family, is sentenced to death in Philadelphia Crime/Disasters
Anton Probst, suspect in the "Deering Massacre" murders, is arrested in Philadelphia Crime/Disasters
Baltimore rioters mount a deadly attack on the Sixth Massachusetts in the streets of the city Battles/Soldiers
Banks in New York City, Boston, and Philadelphia suspend payment in gold and silver Business/Industry
Boiler explosion kills two workers in Philadelphia Crime/Disasters
British captain and two of his men recapture the Emily St. Pierre from its U.S. Navy prize crew US/the World
British ship Emily St. Pierre seized off the South Carolina coast and sent as a prize to Philadelphia US/the World
Captured blockade runner arrives at Philadelphia Naval Yard - her cargo includes 400,000 Cuban cigars Battles/Soldiers
Catholic Bishop of Philadelphia buried in St. Peter's Church in the city Religion/Philosophy
Catholic Bishop of Philadelphia dies on the street of a stroke aged forty-eight Religion/Philosophy
Catholic Bishop of Philadelphia lies in state in his Cathedral Religion/Philosophy
Charles Dickens begins his live reading tour of the United States at the Steinway Hall in Boston. Education/Culture
Charles Dickens sails from Liverpool for his second visit to the United States. Education/Culture
Commissioner Ingraham grants warrants for Gorsuch slaves and appoints Kline to head posse Legal/Political
Confederate naval units capture the Tacony off the East Coast and convert her into a commerce raider Battles/Soldiers
Continental Hotel, biggest in the land, opens for business in Philadelphia Business/Industry
Crowding and spectator disturbances at the Philadelphia Athletics end with the game being called. Education/Culture
Dickens enthusiasts queue overnight for live reading tickets for his second series of Boston live readings. Education/Culture
Doctors of the visiting Japanese Embassy observe an operation using ether in Philadelphia Science/Technology
Edward Gorsuch arrives in Philadelphia seeking warrants for his runaways Legal/Political
Eighteen years after ground was broken, the new Roman Catholic Basilica of Philadelphia is dedicated Religion/Philosophy
Elisha Kent Kane, famous Arctic explorer and naval medical officer, dies in Havana Personal
Factory explosion in a Philadelphia foundry kills one worker and injures others Crime/Disasters
Failed rescue in Philadelphia of a Virginia fugitive being returned to slavery Slavery/Abolition
Famous portrait painter Rembrandt Peale dies at his home in Philadelphia Personal
- Fifth National Women's Rights Convention held in Philadelphia Legal/Political
Fire destroys mills near Philadelphia Crime/Disasters
First fugitive slave case in Philadelphia under new federal law Slavery/Abolition
First Japanese diplomatic mission to the United States visits Baltimore and Philadelphia US/the World
Former United States Vice-President George M. Dallas dies at his home in Philadelphia Personal
Former Vice-President George Mifflin Dallas dies of a heart attack at his home in Philadelphia Personal
Francis Martin Drexell, founder of the Philadelphia banking house, killed in railroad accident Personal
Gales and snowstorms ravage the north-eastern United States and Canada Crime/Disasters
Governor Wise of Virginia meets with southern medical students returned from Philadelphia Legal/Political
Hundreds of wounded from General Sheridan's command arrive in Philadelphia via steamship Battles/Soldiers
In a Philadelphia courtroom, the father of a young sexual assault victim shoots her accused attacker dead. Crime/Disasters
In a rainy Philadelphia, General George Meade leads Philadelphia's veterans in a welcome home parade Battles/Soldiers
In baseball news, the Philadelphia Athletic Club touring team visits New York City Education/Culture
In baseball, the Brooklyn Excelsior continue their tour with a game in Philadelphia Education/Culture
In Brooklyn, the visiting Athletic Baseball Club of Philadelphia defeats the Resolute Club of Brooklyn 39-14. Education/Culture
In Camden, New Jersey, the Philadelphia Cricket Club best their New York counterparts in a day of cricket Education/Culture
In Harrisburg, the Pennsylvania legislature postpones the Philadelphia municipal election Campaigns/Elections
In Maryland, Philadelphia-based Joe Coburn retains his American heavyweight boxing title Education/Culture
In Pennsylvania, a massive boiler explosion in Philadelphia kills and injures dozens of saw mill workers. Crime/Disasters
In Pennsylvania, a new railroad extension further connects the coalfields with Philadelphia and beyond Business/Industry
In Pennsylvania, Douglas and Breckinridge Democrats unite behind gubernatorial nominee Henry Foster Campaigns/Elections
In Philadelphia, 20,000 firemen march in an unprecedented gala parade Education/Culture
In Philadelphia, a dispute between hotel owners ends with violence on the street Business/Industry
In Philadelphia, a lager-beer brewery suffers heavy fire damage Crime/Disasters
In Philadelphia, a large early-morning fire destroys several buildings on Chestnut Street Crime/Disasters
In Philadelphia, a large railroad car factory suffers severe damage in a morning fire Crime/Disasters
In Philadelphia, a Massachusetts colonel dispenses rough justice to a tavern owner for selling his men liquor Battles/Soldiers
In Philadelphia, a massive boiler explosion on Cherry Street kills seven Crime/Disasters
In Philadelphia, a massive fire completely destroys a large railroad car factory on Market Street Crime/Disasters
In Philadelphia, a massive killer fire in a petroleum storage spreads quickly and devastates the neighborhood Crime/Disasters
In Philadelphia, a new public hospital for contagious diseases is turned over to the Board of Health Science/Technology
In Philadelphia, a sizable explosion levels a fireworks factory and kills four workers Crime/Disasters
In Philadelphia, a speech by visiting abolitionist is postponed due to threats of violence Slavery/Abolition
In Philadelphia, a workshop producing Japan varnish explodes, killing its owner Crime/Disasters
In Philadelphia, an costly fire destroys a woolen mill Crime/Disasters
In Philadelphia, angry crowds threaten the offices of the city's southern-based newspaper Campaigns/Elections
In Philadelphia, black leaders meet with city transport companies to demand desegregation of their streetcars Slavery/Abolition
- In Philadelphia, Democrats and conservatives gather for the National Union Convention. Campaigns/Elections
In Philadelphia, former Secretary of War Cameron arrested and sued for false imprisonment Lawmaking/Litigating
In Philadelphia, former U. S. Vice-President George M. Dallas is buried at St. Peter's Episcopal Church Personal
- In Philadelphia, four hundred delegates meet in the Southern Loyalist Convention over four days. Campaigns/Elections
In Philadelphia, Fourth of July fireworks put on a display a week early when a merchant's establishment burns Crime/Disasters
In Philadelphia, high political emotions start a brawl and get a prominent Philadelphia author arrested Crime/Disasters
In Philadelphia, John Wanamaker and Nathan Brown open their first store on Market Street Business/Industry
In Philadelphia, Mayor Alexander proclaims both against treason and popular disorder in the city Lawmaking/Litigating
In Philadelphia, parts of a female asylum collapse, killing fifteen patients and injuring twenty more Crime/Disasters
In Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Democrats meet over the split in the party's presidential nominations Campaigns/Elections
In Philadelphia, rain cuts short the Atlantic-Athletics baseball series decider with the visitors leading. Education/Culture
In Philadelphia, six hundred members of the Fenian Brotherhood meet in convention US/the World
In Philadelphia, southern students disrupt a program of patriotic tunes at the Academy of Music Campaigns/Elections
In Philadelphia, the almost complete Cathedral Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul is opened for a public reception Religion/Philosophy
In Philadelphia, the city's boat clubs, "the Schuylkill Navy," hold their first regatta since the outbreak of the Civil War Education/Culture
In Philadelphia, the city's War of 1812 veterans organize a militia company Battles/Soldiers
In Philadelphia, the Committee on the Safety and Defense of the City reports on its preparations Battles/Soldiers
In Philadelphia, the Cooper Shop Hospital opens Business/Industry
In Philadelphia, the empty Girard House Hotel becomes a giant army uniform factory Battles/Soldiers
In Philadelphia, the New American Theater is destroyed by fire, killing ten people. Crime/Disasters
In Philadelphia, the New American Theater, destroyed by fire just three months before, re-opens. Crime/Disasters
In Philadelphia, the new Continental Hotel opens for tours by stockholders and the press Business/Industry
In Philadelphia, the new Municipal Hospital for Contagious Diseases is officially dedicated Science/Technology
- In Philadelphia, the piracy trial of privateer William Smith results in guilty verdict and a death sentence Lawmaking/Litigating
In Philadelphia, the U.S. Commissioner frees Harrisburg alleged fugitive slave Daniel Dangerfield Slavery/Abolition
In Philadelphia, the U.S. Navy's first submarine, French-designed and called the Alligator, is launched Science/Technology
In Philadelphia, the Union Volunteer Refreshment Saloon closes Business/Industry
In Philadelphia, the veterans of the 29th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry are welcomed home Battles/Soldiers
In Philadelphia, the visiting Japanese Embassy tours manufacturing establishments Business/Industry
In Philadelphia, U.S. Justice Grier rebels against piracy cases interrupting U.S. District Court business Lawmaking/Litigating
In Philadelphia, War of 1812 hero Charles Stewart does the honors at launch of new Union ironclad Business/Industry
In Philadelphia, wealthy citizens gift a house to the Grant family as reward for the commanding general's war service Personal
In Philadelphia, white streetcar riders vote overwhelmingly to keep black citizens from city streetcars Slavery/Abolition
In Philadelphia. the National Union, supporting President Lincoln, scores impressive wins in state and city elections
In Richmond, Confederates select prisoners for trial in retaliation for Northern convictions of privateers Lawmaking/Litigating
In South Philadelphia, St Paul Catholic Church is almost completely destroyed by fire Crime/Disasters
In Washington, a major military reorganization divides the nation into five large military districts Battles/Soldiers
Invalided back to Philadelphia from the front with sickness, Major General David Birney dies at his home Battles/Soldiers
Isaac Newton, the first commissioner of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, dies in office. Personal
James Buchanan's fiancée dies Personal
James Pinckney Henderson, the new Senator from Texas, dies in Philadelphia before even taking his seat Personal
John Kintzing Kane, the U.S. District Judge who ruled against Passmore Williamson in the Jane Johnson case, dies in Philadelphia Personal
- John McClintock attends the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia Personal
John McClintock is born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Personal
John W. Forney dies in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Personal
Justice Robert Grier dies in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Personal
Katherine Mary Drexel born in Philadelphia Personal
Large and contentious meeting opposing coercion of the South held in Philadelphia Campaigns/Elections
Major General N.J.T. Dana named as the commander of the defenses of Philadelphia Battles/Soldiers
Mass meeting in Philadelphia's Independence Square endorses the Union and conciliation with South Lawmaking/Litigating
Massive explosion at a Philadelphia cartridge factory kills sixteen people and levels the complex Crime/Disasters
Mayor of Philadelphia warns of rioting should abolitionist speech go ahead Legal/Political
National day of "fasting, humiliation, and prayer" takes place throughout the United States Education/Culture
New paddle steamer launched for the U.S. Navy at the Philadelphia Naval Yard Business/Industry
New railroad bridge across the Susquehanna speeds up the journey from Philadelphia to Washington, DC. Business/Industry
Newspaper magnate George Childs opens his new Public Ledger Building on Chestnut Street in Philadelphia. Business/Industry
Off the Tortugas, the U.S.S. Keystone State captures a Confederate blockade runner bound for Florida Battles/Soldiers
On a South Philadelphia farm, Anton Probst kills his employer's entire family in the "Deering Massacre" Crime/Disasters
Opposition Party holds on to power in the Philadelphia municipal elections Campaigns/Elections
Owen Wister born in the Germantown section of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Personal
Pennsylvania Republicans meet in Harrisburg and Philadelphia to ratify the recent nominations in Chicago Campaigns/Elections
Pennsylvania suffers its first war fatality when a Philadelphia militiaman hurt in the Baltimore Riot dies Battles/Soldiers
Philadelphia arms itself to resist any Confederate attack on the city Battles/Soldiers
Philadelphia banks finally resume specie payments Business/Industry
Philadelphia banks resume specie payments Business/Industry
Philadelphia banks suspend specie payments Business/Industry
Philadelphia Constitutional Unionists support the postponement of the city elections Campaigns/Elections
Philadelphia Democrats hold a mass protest meeting in Independence Square Campaigns/Elections
Philadelphia Democrats protest the postponement of the city elections Campaigns/Elections
Philadelphia Democrats urge the South not to take precipitous action over the Republican victory Campaigns/Elections
Philadelphia man arrested on a charge of inciting riot then freed on First Amendment grounds Lawmaking/Litigating
Philadelphia observes a day of fasting for the dedication of the Soldiers' Cemetery in Gettysburg Education/Culture
Philadelphia textile manufacturers put their factories on half-time production Business/Industry
Philadelphia's boat clubs, the "Schuylkill Navy," holds its annual review on the Schuylkill River. Education/Culture
Philadelphia's enlistments since the attack on Fort Sumter approach ten thousand Battles/Soldiers
Philadelphia's Home Guard, instituted in September, now numbers around four thousand members Battles/Soldiers
Philadelphia's labor leaders endorse compromise but also recommend defensive force if needed Campaigns/Elections
Philadelphia's mayor instructed to transmit recent city resolutions for conciliation to South Carolina Lawmaking/Litigating
Philadelphian John D. Lynde patents the first aerosol dispenser or "Improved Bottle for Aerated Liquids" Science/Technology
Philadelphians gather to cheer a shipment of heavy cannon bound for the defenses of New York Harbor Campaigns/Elections
Pierce Butler, former husband of Fanny Kemble, dies at his home in Philadelphia. Personal
Powerful thunderstorms hit Philadelphia Crime/Disasters
President Andrew Johnson's "Swing Around the Circle" speaking tour travels across New Jersey to New York City. Campaigns/Elections
President Buchanan designates January 4, 1861 as a national day of fasting and prayer Lawmaking/Litigating
Presidential election evokes little excitement in Philadelphia Campaigns/Elections
- Prince Albert makes a brief visit to Richmond, Virginia US/the World
- Prince Albert visits Philadelphia and attends the opera US/the World
Prominent United States Navy hero Samuel Francis Du Pont dies suddenly in Philadelphia Personal
- Returning to Dorchester County again, Tubman attempts to bring her brothers to freedom Personal
Richard Rush, former Secretary of the Treasury, dies in Philadelphia Personal
Robert Brown, a fugitive slave from Virginia, arrives in Philadelphia after crossing Potomac on horseback Slavery/Abolition
Runaway slave named Richard arrives in Philadelphia after escaping from naval officer Legal/Political
Second game in Philadelphia Athletics and Brooklyn Atlantic series ends with victory for the visitors. Education/Culture
Seven ballet dancers burned to death in their dressing room at the Continental Theater in Philadelphia Crime/Disasters
Several Native American leaders of Far West tribes leave San Francisco for a trip to the East Lawmaking/Litigating
Severe flash flooding causes heavy damage in Philadelphia region of New Jersey and Pennsylvania Crime/Disasters
Skating Club formally organized in Philadelphia Education/Culture
Slave owning Philadelphian Pierce Butler, former husband of Fanny Kemble, arrested for treason Lawmaking/Litigating
Southern students from Philadelphia's medical schools meet and vote to leave for the South Legal/Political
Southern students make a mass exodus from Philadelphia's medical schools Legal/Political
Stephen Douglas ends a three day visit to New York City and leaves for Philadelphia Legal/Political
Street letter box patented in Philadelphia Commercial
Sudden freezing weather grips the north-eastern United States Crime/Disasters
Tax officials in Pennsylvania give the states's taxable value as $569,049,995 Business/Industry
Thanksgiving Day is celebrated across the country Religion/Philosophy
- The American Pomological Society holds its sixth national meeting in Philadelphia Education/Culture
- The American Sunday School Union holds its third national convention in Philadelphia Religion/Philosophy
The Cable Car is patented in Philadelphia Business/Industry
- The Centennial Exposition runs in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Education/Culture
The combined Sanitary Fair of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware opens in Philadelphia Campaigns/Elections
The Emily St. Pierre, the British ship recaptured from its U.S. Navy prize crew, arrives in Liverpool US/the World
The first comic weekly paper in the United States is published in Philadelphia Education/Culture
The first of the six new warships Congress appropriated for at the start of the war is launched in Philadelphia Battles/Soldiers
The first pencil with attached eraser patented in Philadelphia Business/Industry
The first photograph of a solar eclipse taken in Philadelphia Science/Technology
The former C.S.S. Atlanta sails from the Philadelphia Naval Yard to join the Union fleet as U.S.S. Atlanta Battles/Soldiers
- The fugitive slave case of Daniel Dangerfield from Harrisburg causes popular excitement in Philadelphia Legal/Political
The Governor of New York reacts to the emergence of naval ironclad warfare in Virginia Lawmaking/Litigating
The governors of Pennsylvania and New Jersey also react to the emergence of naval ironclad warfare Lawmaking/Litigating
The Homeopathic Medical College of Pennsylvania is incorporated in Philadelphia Education/Culture
The Homeopathic Medical College of Pennsylvania opens in Philadelphia Education/Culture
The largest warship built in Philadelphia yards up to then, the U.S.S. Chattanooga, is launched Science/Technology
The nation's first class of homeopathic medical doctors graduates in Philadelphia Education/Culture
The National Medical Association holds it annual meeting in Washington D.C. Education/Culture
The new 730-ton side wheel gunboat U.S.S. Miami is launched at the Philadelphia Navy Yard Science/Technology
The new steam sloop Juniata is launched at the Philadelphia Naval Yard Battles/Soldiers
The Philadelphia Methodist Conference urges withdrawal of the Church's new "discipline" on slavery Slavery/Abolition
The Philadelphia press reports that more than ten thousand Philadelphians are now in the field Battles/Soldiers
- The Presbyterian General Assembly is meeting in Philadelphia and its decisions will split the Church Religion/Philosophy
The Prince of Wales spends twenty-four hours in Baltimore US/the World
The railroad bridge at Gray's Ferry near Philadelphia suffers severe fire damage Crime/Disasters
The Republican Party convention opens in Philadelphia Campaigns/Elections
The Sixth Massachusetts Regiment arrives in Philadelphia on its way to Washington DC, via Baltimore Battles/Soldiers
- The Tenth National Saengerfest for German-American Choral Societies is held in Philadelphia. Education/Culture
The U.S.S. Rhode Island arrives in Philadelphia with Confederate privateer prisoners Battles/Soldiers
The Union Volunteer Refreshment Saloon opens in Philadelphia Business/Industry
The United States reclassifies convicted Confederate privateers as prisoners of war Lawmaking/Litigating
The victory at Fort Donelson met with enthusiastic celebrations in Philadelphia and across the North Education/Culture
The Zoological Society of Philadelphia plans the nation's first zoo Education/Culture
Thousands of Confederate prisoners arrive in Philadelphia on a single railroad train Battles/Soldiers
Thousands of Union wounded from the Battle of the Wilderness begin to arrive in Philadelphia hospitals Battles/Soldiers
Tubman escapes slavery, traveling to Philadelphia Personal
Tubman returns to Maryland to rescue her niece Personal
Two of the country's best baseball clubs meet in Philadelphia with Brooklyn's "Atlantics" victorious Education/Culture
U.S. Government takes over the Philadelphia, Wilmington, and Delaware Railroad Battles/Soldiers
U.S.S. Hartford returns home from Asia with four officers who had declared for the Confederacy Battles/Soldiers
Union Colonel James A. Mulligan, hero of the Battle of Lexington, speaks for a Catholic charity in Philadelphia Education/Culture
Veterans from across the country meet in Philadelphia at the Colored Soldiers' and Sailors' Convention. Campaigns/Elections
Vigilance agent follows Gorsuch posse Legal/Political
- Violent gales cause heavy damage in New York City and Philadelphia Crime/Disasters
William Danenhower is born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Personal
William Still is hired by the Pennsylvania Society for the Abolition of Slavery Personal
William Still moves to Philadelphia in 1844 Personal
William Still publishes his records Personal
William Wrigley, Jr., founder of Wrigley's Gum and famous owner of the Chicago Cubs born in Philadelphia Business/Industry
Young veteran colonel who had fought through the Civil War, is murdered in a Philadelphia bar-room. Crime/Disasters
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