Greensboro (NC) Patriot, "Chairman of the Committee on Elections," February 17, 1860

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    "Chairman of the Committee on Elections," Greensboro (NC) Patriot, February 17, 1860, 2: 4.
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    Greensboro Patriot
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    Chairman of the Committee on Elections
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    Don Sailer, Dickinson College
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    Representatives mentioned in this article are: John Richard Barret, George Byran Cooper, Henry Winter Davis, Thomas Birch Florence, John Adams Gilmer, James Morrison Harris, Daniel Edgar Sickles.
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    Chairman of the Committee on Elections.

    Mr. Gilmer has been placed at the head of the Committee on Elections. From a combination of circumstances, this is one of the most important positions in the House, and a better Chairman could not have been selected. The post will be one of immense labor and research; and Mr. Gilmer’s talent, laborious habits, and untiring energy, point him out as the man for the place; besides, he belongs to neither of the stronger parties n the House, and will be the better able to do impartial justice between them.

    There are a number of contested seats in the House, the result of which may materially affect the strength of parties. Among the members whose seats are contested, are Messrs. Sickles[,] Barrett [Barret], Cooper, Florence, Henry Winter Davis, and J. Morrison Harris.

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