Rochester (NY) Frederick Douglass’ Paper, “Report,” March 4, 1852

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    “Report,” Rochester (NY) Frederick Douglass’ Paper, March 4, 1852, p. 1: 3.
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    Rochester Frederick Douglass’ Paper
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    The Committee have expended the following amount:
    Paid to several Council, 200
    For board, clothing, Medical Attendance, and passage to Canada of Geo. Williams, Jacob Moore, and their families, 125
    Expended for the 25 prisoners during their four months of confinement, 150
    Paid to Dr. A. Cain, 30,
    " Joseph Benn, 20
    " Josiah Clarkson, 10
    (To be distributed among the prisoners' families.)

    For board & incidental expenses of witnesses during the trials, 95
    [Total] $630

    Amount of Receipts, $689.41

    Expenses, $630

    Balance in hand, $59.41

    There are several families not yet cared for.

    The committee return thanks to dealers in clothing on Second street , for the contributions so much needed, amounting to some one hundred and twenty-five pieces of clothing.

    NATH'L. W. DEPEE, Secretary.

    February 10, 1852.
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