Ripley (OH) Bee, “Gov. Wise and the Presidency,” April 16, 1859

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    “Gov. Wise and the Presidency,” Ripley (OH) Bee, April 16, 1859, p. 1: 5.
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    Washington (DC) National Era
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    Ripley Bee
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    Gov. Wise and the Presidency
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    Don Sailer, Dickinson College
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    Gov. Wise and the Presidency.

    The National Era of this week, says:

    The signal discomfiture of Gov. Wise, in his efforts to supplant Mr. Hunter as United States Senator, was anything but a favorable augury of his Presidential prospects. But the desperation of the Black Democracy, and the utter hopelessness of the cause for 1860, with a Lecomptonite at their head, has gradually undermined their pride, and prepared them to overlook Mr. Wise’s past errors, for the sake of his supposed “availability.” We have remarked numerous signs of Mr. Wise’s improving prospects, which he owes entirely to his opposition to the Lecompton fraud concocted by his own party friends. His star for the present at least, is in the ascendant, and we shall not be surprised if he should become the candidate of the party for the Presidency. The Southern wing of the party demand that the South shall have the next Presidential nomination, and Mr. Wise is the only prominent Anti Lecomptonite of the party south of Mason and Dixon’s line. Hence the necessity of forgiving his past [eccentricity], since that eccentricity can alone secure a Southern President.

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