Fayetteville (NC) Observer, “Greeley Meets a Slave Dealer,” June 9, 1859

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    “Greeley Meets a Slave Dealer,” Fayetteville (NC) Observer, June 9, 1859, p. 2: 4.
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    Fayetteville Semi Weekly Observer
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    Greeley Meets a Slave Dealer
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    Don Sailer, Dickinson College
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    Greeley Meets a Slave Dealer. – We find the following going the rounds of the Western journals:

    “Horace Greeley, at Leavenworth, met a gentleman who expressed great pleasure at seeing so distinguished a philanthropist, and wished him success. “Indeed,” replied Mr. Greeley, “I am happy to hear such sentiments, and to see such men as yourself, where I did not expect the least sympathy, in this land where the iniquity of the nation is so firmly rooted. God be praised, the work goes bravely on.” “With your aid,” returned Mr. W., “slavery will soon cease to exist in Missouri. Only last week I took away thirteen.” “My good friend, how? where to?” “To New Orleans.” “Great God!” exclaimed Horace, “what! a dealer in human souls!” “Yes, sir, if that is what you call it. I buy and sell negroes. I am indebted to you for the profits of my business. Slaveholders here sell me their slaves for half their value in the South, to keep your disciples from stealing them.”
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