William Elisha Stoker to Elizabeth E. Stoker, November 15, 1862

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    William Elisha Stoker to Elizabeth E. Stoker, November 15, 1862, William E. Stoker Papers, National Civil War Museum, Harrisburg, PA.
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    Stoker, Elizabeth E.
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    Stephen O'Brien, Dickinson College
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    Camp Nelson Arkansas November the 15th 1862

    Dear Wife
    Being at leasure this morning Ile drop you a few lines as a token of rememberance of you to let you know how I am. I well and I hope thees few lines will find you and familey enjoying the same blessing. Ive nothing new to write that would interest you. We hear a great deal of good nuse once and a while and the boys all gets cheered up and then in a few days we will hear something to the contrary and then we get out of sorts. When we hear any thing we dont know wether to beleave it or not. We under stand that there is aramistis between the north and south for 4 months. All hostilities seased to see if they cant come on some terms of peace, but I dont know wether it is so or not. It may be just a rumor like lots of nuse that we get. There is no probabilaty of a fight hear soon that I know of. I dont know how long we will stay hear. From the movements of every thing I dont think we will stay hear long. Or we may stay hear all winter. The man that went back to Texas hasent got back yet. We are all wantting our close. Some of the boys kicked up so about Tom Stephens staying so long. Ant Johnson has ben detailed to go back to see what has become of him. I wanted to write and send a letter by ant but he was hurryed off. I dident hav time. I told ant to bring me a good strong pare of boots and if he couldent get them to bring me a strong pare of shoes and I would pay him for them when he got hear. I told him also to let you know that he was there so you could send me some close if you had any maid, that is if you hadent sent me some by Stephens. Ive got plenty [of?] cotton close to do me a long time yet. I wrote to you some time a go what kind to send if you had them maid and if you dident I could make out without them. If you have any reddy you can send them by ant Johnson if he has any way to bring them. I dont know what I would of give to of ben detailed in ants place. I want to come home so bad I cant tell you how bad I want to come. It appears like I cant hear from you. The last letter I got from you was dated the 24th of Sept. I want to hear from you. Ive been looking for a letter from you thre weekes but alas all in vain and it is time I was getting a letter from Mother. I saw a letter from her to Thomas. I got holt of it and I am going to save it untill I wear it out and I got to chew some of her tobacco and some of your big sisses too. You can tell them of it and it chewed better than Arkasas [Arkansas] conscript. Betty write soon and tell me how you are getting along and if the screw flyes hurt your hogs and if you will hav corn enough to fatten your pork and every thing you can think of. Ile close by saying I remain your effectionate husband untill death. William E Stoker
    Mrs. Elisabeth E. Stoker


    Minor Figures

    Rebecca Leanders Jones – William Stoker’s mother

    Thomas F. McKissack – William Stoker’s half brother

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