William Elisha Stoker to Elizabeth E. Stoker, October 2, 1863

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    William Elisha Stoker to Elizabeth E. Stoker, October 2, 1863, William E. Stoker Papers, National Civil War Museum, Harrisburg, PA.
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    Stoker, Elizabeth E.
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    David Gillespie, Dickinson College
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    Oct. the 2nd /63

    St Maries Parrish [St. Mary Parish] Lousianna [Louisiana]

    Dear Wife it is with much pleasur that I seat my self this eavning to drop you a few lines to let you know that I am well and I hope when thees few lines comes to hand they will find you and familey in the verry best of helth. Ive nothing to write you that would interes you. We hav ben on the march for some time. We left our camp up near Alexander for the purpors of going down on the Missisippi [Mississippi] to reenforce General Talor [Taylor] but we got down hear too late for the fight. They had a little fight down below hear on bayou chafalyer. Talor whipped them back and killed [60] and taken about 500 prisoners. He lost about 50 men. We expectted a big fight down hear. All of our armey was ordered down hear and we are hear reddy waitting for an attact but I dont think they are going to attact us hear. I dont know how long we will stay down in hear but I hope not long. It is the wettes muddyest cuntry Ive ben in since last winter. Billey fell in [illegible] us [inelligible] came on down he staid with me too nights and one day and would of staied with me longer but it commenced [raining?] and he stopped. He has ben verry sick but he is getting well but he is puney yet. I saw Thomas not long since [illegible]. Betty if it has one of [illegible] for this mail I would of got a furlow. Our [Co C.?] pertitioned ofr more of his men to be furlowed and our names was sent up but General Walker wuldent grant them because he was [pecially?] hav to renforce Talor. I think when we get out of hear they will furlow us and if they do dont you reckon Ile be proud. If I could get a furlow I would nearley kill my self gettying home. I would try to walk 40 miles a day. I havent wrote to you in nearly to weekes. When the time come for me to write I was expectting to get a furlow every day and we was [write up?] off down hear that nocked it all in the hed and since we hav ben ben on the march. I have had the chance of mailing my letters. I wrote one but couldent the chance of mailing it and there come a big reign and wet me and the letter too and it come all to peaces. My chances is bad to write this eavning. I am setting on the ground with tin on my knees or on my testamint and it is on my knes. It is getting late. Ile hav to close. Write more. Kiss Priscilla for me and Ile return the favor when I come. So good bye untill I hear from you again. W. E. Stoker

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