Washington (DC) National Era, “Kansas News,” July 30, 1857

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    “Kansas News,” Washington (DC) National Era, July 30, 1857, p. 123: 2.
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    Washington National Era
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    Kansas News
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    TOPEKA, KANSAS, July 16, 1857.

    (By Telegraph, via St. Louis, 20th)

    The Convention just adjourned at Topeka was one of the largest and most earnest ever held. A strong position has been taken in favor of the Topeka Constitution. It was determined that Congress must and shall admit Kansas under it. State officers were nominated, the old incumbents being renominated. The census returns show between twenty and thirty thousand voters. It is determined to resubmit the Topeka Constitution in August to the people. General LANE has been authorized to organize the people thoroughly, so that they may be prepared to defend the ballot boxes at the Territorial election in October. Marcus J. Parrott was nominated as Representative to Congress.

    Mr. Theodore Houston met Gov. Walker with seven infantry companies ten miles from Lawrence, on Friday.

    LAWRENCE, K.T., July 18, 1857.

    (By telegraph, via St. Louis, 21st)

    Gov. Walker entered Lawrence yesterday, with eight companies of dragoons under command of Col. Cook. He has camped close to town, in a threatening attitude. His proclamation issued at Leavenworth, dated the 15thdeclares that he will not allow the people to adopt a city charter. He went through Lawrence on his way to Leavenworth, last Monday, to see to this, but never spoke of it in Lawrence. This duplicity has enraged the people. They are determined to pay no attention to him, and not to negotiate with him. Although town officers were elected last Monday, they have as yet taken no steps –not even beet sworn in. He has warrants for the arrest of those voted for and many others, prominent citizens of Lawrence. The design is to stop the August election, when the Topeka Constitution is to be submitted to the people. The people will not offer any opposition to the Federal troops, unless they fire on them, or commit some other outrage, when civil war will at once be declared. They have resolved not to tolerate any more such villainy. Gov. Walker is in a bad scrape.

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