New York Times, “Massachusetts Legislature,” March 16, 1857

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    “Massachusetts Legislature- Aid for Kansas,” New York Times, March 16, 1857, p. 1: 3.
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    New York Daily Times
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    Massachusetts Legislature- Aid for Kansas
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    Sayo Ayodele, Dickinson College
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    Massachusetts Legislature- Aid for Kansas.

    BOSTON, Saturday, March 14.

    The joint standing Committee on Federal Relations reported resolves in the House to day in favor of State aid to Kansas. The report appropriates $100.000 to be expended, if necessary, for the relief of such settlers in the Territory of Kansas as are or may hereafter be reduced to want by ravages committed upon them in unlawful attempts to exclude them from the Territory on account of their predilections for Free-State institutions. The resolves make provision for the appointment of three Commissioners to dispense the bounty of the State, and to render such aid as they shall deem necessary or expedient in protecting and defending, in the Courts of the Territory and of the united States, the legal and constitutional rights of the settlers. One thousand shares of the stock of the Western Railroad are placed at the disposal of the Commissioners, for the purposes set forth in the resolves. The commission is limited to a period of eighteen months, unless otherwise extended by law.

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