Atchison (KS) Freedom's Champion, “The Democratic ‘Irrepressible Conflict,’” July 7, 1860

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    “The Democratic ‘Irrepressible Conflict,’” Atchison (KS) Freedom's Champion, July 7, 1860, p. 2: 4.
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    Atchison Freedom’s Champion
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    The Democratic ‘Irrepressible Conflict
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    Don Sailer, Dickinson College
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    The Democratic “Irrepressible Conflict.”

    We clip the following items from the telegraphic reports to the daily papers, in relation to the reception of the Baltimore nominations. The “conflict” between the two wings of the Democracy is truly “irrepressible.” Being only an outsider we can [but?] advise each to do it best, and may the best nag win:

    PROVIDENCE, June 26, 1860.

    One hundred guns, were fired here this evening for Breckinridge and Lane.

    TOLEDO, Ohio, June 26, 1860.

    The friends of Mr. Douglas held a ratification meeting here last night. A salute of 34 guns was fired, with bonfires, music, speeches, &c.

    TRENTON, N. J., June 26, 1860.

    A large Democratic meeting was held this [meeting?] to form a Democratic Club for the support of Stephen A. Douglas for the Presidency. Speeches were made by C. W. Joy, [Chas. Skelton?], &c. Arrangements were made for a large [illegible] ratification meeting.

    STAMFORD, June 26, 1860.

    One hundred guns were fired for Breckinridge and Lane this afternoon, and an immense enthusiasm prevailed.

    BUFFALO, June 26, 1860.

    A salute of 105 guns was fired here to night by the friends of Breckinridge and Lane.

    ST. LOUIS, June 26, 1860.

    The demonstration of the Breckinridge faction last night at the Planters’ House was interrupted by a large body of Douglas men. Judge [Bowlin?], late Commissioner to Paraguay, endeavored ineffectually to speak and finally withdrew. A collision at [one?] time was imminent. Another Douglas jubilee comes on tomorrow night.

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