Newark (OH) Advocate, “Is Lincoln an Abolitionist?,” August 31, 1860

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    “Is Lincoln an Abolitionist?,” Newark (OH) Advocate, August 31, 1860, p. 1: 5.
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    Newark Advocate
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    Is Lincoln an Abolitionist?
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    Don Sailer, Dickinson College
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    Is Lincoln an Abolitionist?

    The sentiment for which Abraham Lincoln is more noted than any other he ever uttered, is that which views the perpetuity of the Union as an impossibility with one half the States slave and the other half free. This position of Lincoln suggests the enquiry whether he is not an Abolitionist as well as Republican? It cannot be supposed that he is in favor of making slave states out of free. It appears unavoidable, therefore, that he is in favor of Abolition. When that takes place, how many of the emancipated negroes will Ohio have to harbor and feed?

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