Chicago (IL) Tribune, "Pro-Slavery Tricks," November 6, 1860

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    "Pro-Slavery Tricks," Chicago (IL) Tribune, November 6, 1860, p. 1: 3
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    Chicago Tribune
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    Pro-Slavery Tricks
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    Don Sailer, Dickinson College
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    In all our political experience we have never known the Democratic leaders to [revert?] to such desperate and dastardly tricks as they are now practicing to defeat a part of the Republican ticket. Bribing engravers to engrave the Republican ticket, to violate their pledge of private and professional honor, and make a counterfeit of it, is one of their devices. Sticking “pasters” over the names of particular candidates, for the purpose of obtaining votes for Gray and Sherman fraudulently, is another trick. They have not been content with raining a deluge of detraction and slanders on the Republican candidates, but have restored to counterfeit tickets and “pasters,” hoping that many Republicans will be caught off their guard and vote the spurious ticket without detecting the fraud and scoundrelism. Are not men engaged in such dishonest practices fit subjects for the penitentiary? Is there a Republican in Chicago, worthy of that honored name, who will countenance this dishonorable conduct of the pro-slavery leaders? Look out for imitation tickets, and pasters on genuine tickets. Spot the scamps found peddling them.

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