Chicago (IL) Press and Tribune, "The Convention Week in Chicago," May 17, 1860

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    "The Convention Week in Chicago," Chicago (IL) Press and Tribune, May 17, 1860, p. 1: 2.
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    Chicago Press and Tribune
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    The Convention Week in Chicago
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    Don Sailer, Dickinson College
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    The interest which, not alone with our own citizens, has for months past attached to the week now passing here, is fast culminating toward the point when its completed result shall give to our Republicans a leader ,and to our ticket a name before the people, and with the people.
    The city filled up rapidly yesterday morning as the great excursion trains poured in fresh arrivals. Full to repletion before, our hotel keepers met fresh appeals, which, from a call for single rooms, had narrowed down to the earnest,

    ”O, give me a Cot!

    In more than one instance, billiard rooms and their tables have come to pay a double debt and bear a double burden. Until a moderate hour for retiring the markers are busy, and the lick of the balls tells of the progress of the game, but at a signal of the clock, mine hosts “take their cue” from the crowd of weary guest, and during the rest of the twenty four hours, passed on mattresses spread upon the tables, the only “angles” studied, are those of tired humanity wooing “nature’s sweet restorer.” We looked in, just after midnight, upon one ranche of this kind, where one hundred and thirty persons were making this use of billiard tables in a manner and with a zest, from the fatigues of the day, that would have excited the sympathy of the most unfeeling bosom, albeit the use was rather “un-Phelan.

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